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Just one month before the end of 2022, the urban music singer Bad Bunny continues to reap success.

The American magazine Times published an article of the 10 best songs of 2022 where the song by ‘Titi asked me’ from his album ‘Un verano sin ti’ topped the list.

The creators of the magazine’s list classified the musical theme as a “cultural domination”.

“Bad Bunny exercises his magnificent, malleable voice in all its guises, through deftly fast verses and slushy chants; he makes even his gasps sound sexy. The song’s aesthetic alone pushed it towards complete cultural domination. It reached the top 10 in 13 countries,” they said.

“But like all great songs, ‘Titi Me Pregunto’ is much more than its sheer sonic brilliance. Although the first two verses show Bad Bunny playing a carefree and macho playboy, at the end he confesses that everything is a shield for his emotional fragility ”, he added.

In turn, they pointed out that they broke the tradition with Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, the artist’s first name, because they never repeat the same artist in the song and album categories.

Time magazine selects Bad Bunny's “Un Verano Sin Ti” as the best album

“Doing so seemed narrow-minded and redundant to us, and it seemed important to us to spread love with the few spaces we have. But we’ve had to break tradition with Bad Bunny, who ranks No. 1 on both the album and song charts. Un Verano Sin Ti is a flawless collection from start to finish, and “Titi Me Pregunto” is its crown jewel: a boisterous can of exuberance that makes the horns rumble.

The list is completed by “Jack” by Hardy, “Kind of Girl” by MUNA, “Unholy” by Sam Smith with Kim Petras, “Finesse” by Pheelz ft. BNXN, “ChevyS10″ by Sudan Archives, “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy, “FNF” by Glorilla, “Part of the Band” by The 1975 and “Delincuente” by Tokischa with Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow.

Last Monday, the magazine chose yesterday as the best album the album ‘Un verano sin ti’ and cataloged the record production as “no other album had such universal appeal” this year.

“Un Verano Sin Ti” is the fifth solo album by Bad Bunny, after “X 100pre” (2018), “YHLQMDLG” (2020), “Las Que No Iban a Salir” (2020) and “El Último Tour Del World” (2020).

El Conejo Malo performed last July at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico and on August 5 began the World’s Hottest Tour in Orlando, Florida, which will run until December 9 in Mexico City.

Meanwhile, the vocalist is enjoying the reception of his fourth studio album “Un verano sin ti”, which includes 23 unpublished songs and multiple collaborations.

The proposal produced together with Mag and Tainy, navigates between reggaeton, dembow, mambo and merengue, while influences from reggae, pop, indie, rock and afrobeats appear.

Among the songs, “Me Porto Bonito” with Chencho Corleone, “Tarot” with Jhayco, “Andrea” with Buscabulla and “La Corriente” with Tony Dize stand out. It also contains collaborations such as “Party” with Rauw Alejandro, “Ojitos Lindos” with Bomba Estéreo and “Otro Atardecer” with The Marias.

“Moscow Mule”, “After the beach”, “Tití asked me”, “A little while”, “Effect”, “Downpour”, “Teach me to dance”, “Two thousand and 16”, “The blackout”, “A coco”, “I went on vacation”, “August”, Callaíta”” and “Un verano sin ti”, which gives its name to the album, complete the offer.

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