The Society of Preventive Medicine warns of a deficit of more than 60 specialists in the Community

CASTELLO. The president of the Valencian Society of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SVMPSP), John Francis Navarro, has denounced that the Preventive Medicine and Public Health services of the Valencian Community “are seriously underfunded”. Navarro has referred to this in the XVIII days that have been held these days in Castelló.

As the entity points out, a survey carried out this year in 32 hospitals in the Valencian Community confirms “the serious situation of lack of resources that these services have historically suffered from and that the pandemic has only aggravated”. Navarro explained that this survey “has mainly accounted for infection prevention and control activities and consultation activities, adding a third area of ​​activity related to Public Health programs, quality of care and patient safety”.

“International standards for the number of beds (1 toilet for every 300 beds) to be controlled and the number of annual consultations (3,859 per year) have been used to calculate the necessary staff. The overall results show a deficit of 29 specialists in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and 32 nurses throughout the Valencian Community,” he says.

According to the data with which the SVMPSP works, “it is estimated that nosocomial infections in the Community could exceed 21,000 annually, with a direct healthcare cost of 208 million euros, which represents 3.26% of the health budget of The Community This serious underfunding of resources currently leads to a preferential dedication of Preventive Medicine services to activities that cannot be delayed, such as vaccination consultations for patients, causing a deficient dedication to infection prevention and control programs”.

Navarro assures that “the Preventive Medicine services have multiplied their dedication to vaccination consultations in the last decade, going from 49,000 vaccines administered in 2008, to 150,000 in 2019 and 402,000 in 2021.”

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