The record annual salary you are looking for in Free Agency


A report from The Athletic suggests that the outfielder wants to surpass Mike Trout to become the highest-paid player in the Major Leagues.

Aaron Judge, former New York Yankees outfielder
© Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesAaron Judge, former New York Yankees outfielder

Everything seems to indicate that the Free Agency on the Major League Baseball (MLB) He will not have major movements in the remainder of 2022, until the outfielder Aaron Judge Decide which team you will play for next season.

It is already known that he rejected an offer of los angeles dodgersthat already listened together with his agent the proposal of new york yankees to keep him in their ranks, and met with San Francisco Giants to discuss the option of returning to his native California.

In the midst of all this movement, relevant information has come to light, thanks to the report of Jason Starkof The Athleticwho confirms that Judge’s intention in Free Agency is become the highest paid player in MLBsurpassing whoever has that position, which is Mike Trout.

The record annual salary that Judge asks for in Free Agency

the gardener of Los Angeles Angels He currently receives a seasonal salary of $35.5 million dollars, subtracting eight years from his contract; well, the Judge He does not want to be less and will search the market for a team that is willing to pay him $40 million by year.

He’s positioned to be Mickey Mantle. The Yankees knew Aaron Judge’s free agency was coming. And be it an average salary of $38 million, $39 million, $40 million or more it was logical. How could they not have prepared their budget for this?the reporter wrote.

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