the great ‘wellness’ offers for us to take care of our well-being

In recent years we have realized that our life is extremely fast paced and it seems that if we do not adapt to its rhythm, it overwhelms us with offers, parties and schedules. With the arrival of Black Friday we the consumerist vein that we carry inside comes out and we usually get things we don’t really need.

In response, the anti black friday an alternative to this uncontrolled consumerism that focuses on our physical and mental well-being. On this day we are encouraged to stop buying to buy and focus on things that do us good and help us free ourselves from the stress that we are always submerged in.

From essential oils to meditation apps or yoga courses, this coming Friday is perfect to take care of ourselves insidethat important task that we have been putting off and in the end we never do.

Choose the method that most helps your body and mind.

The wellness revolution

Blue Bambou Studio has been one of the first brands to join this new vision of Black Friday, offering 7 days of free access to your platformwith online yoga, Fitness, ‘mindfulness’ and nutrition classes, the perfect complement to reconcile our professional life and our self-care.

A space dedicated to the disciplines of movement that has hundreds of videos of your team of professionalsdesigned to start your body and get it off the wheel of stress and haste, among which you can find: programs for all levels of mobility, yoga from 0, restorative yoga to relieve tension and discomfort, programs for pregnant women, jobs to strengthen the back, hypopressives, meditation, fitness and even classes to do in the office.

Meditation and yoga have a positive impact on health
Meditation and yoga have a positive impact on health

Massages to leave us as new

Many times we need to really relax and disconnect from our daily routine. Between the stress of work, the contractures from sitting for hours and hours and eating our heads every other day, in the end what we need is a Good massage that puts everything back in its place.

With Black Friday, many wellness and spa centers offer these services at a lower price, as is the case with Atalanta. This sports club with spa offers its visitors a relaxing massage with a 20% discount, going from 26 to 20 euros.

A relaxing massage to disconnect from everything
A relaxing massage to disconnect from everything

Discover aromatherapy

Having moments of disconnection and relaxation is becoming increasingly rare, so when we have them, they must be of quality. aromatherapy helps to find well-being and stabilize emotions through the properties provided by natural essential oils. Currently, the most common forms of its application are by diffusing or applying it directly to the skin diluted in a vegetable oil. In this sense, the most important thing is to resort to 100% pure and natural essential oils. Specifically, experts recommend opting for oils that are chemotyped and suitable for vegans, which will guarantee the quality of the product.

The Sisen brand is very aware of all this and on the occasion of Black Friday, the firm presents Shiro Black, a limited edition in black of the brand’s flagship product, the ultrasonic aromatic diffuser and ceramic bell. This product will be available on the web from November 14 to 27 or while supplies last. Its original price is €65 but, during this period, the Sisen website will offer a 25% discount on all your productsso we can find it at a price of €48.75.

Sisen 'Shiro Black' essential oil diffuser
Sisen ‘Shiro Black’ essential oil diffuser

set to do yoga

Exercising in the right clothes is a must, both to avoid injury and to do it correctly, especially with yoga. This discipline requires flexible fabrics that wrap the body in each of its gestures and adapt to it at all times, so we must wear appropriate clothing.

yoga posture.

At Born Living Yoga they know how important it is for everyone to have quality clothing to exercise, which is why they join the Black Friday party with discounts of up to 60% in a selection of unique garments.

Born Living Yoga set with a 60% discount
Born Living Yoga set with a 60% discount


Another essential for a good practice is a mat, with which we can get into any position without risk of falling, slipping or hurting ourselves when leaning on the ground. Now with Black Friday we can choose one of higher quality at lower pricelike those of Kimjaly.

It is a thick and soft mat for maximum comfort, ideal for gentle yoga and that we can find at Decathlon. In addition to being smooth or patterned, it is 8 mm thick and is easy to wash. It has gone from costing €34.99 to €29.99.

Kimjaly yoga mat
Kimjaly yoga mat

Learn to make time for yourself.

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