Pharmacies on alert: the sale of medicines under threat


Within the framework of a joint call made by the chambers that group the owners of pharmacies, representatives of more than four thousand businesses in the field from all over the country met on Thursday. We employ 40,000 workers and serve millions of customers, PAMI patients, social works and prepaid medical companies on a monthly basis.

The meeting was organized by the Association of Owners of Argentine Pharmacies (ASOFAR), the Argentine Federation of Chambers of Pharmacies (FACAF) and the Association of Mutual and Union Pharmacies of the Argentine Republic (AFMSRA), as a result of concern about the drop in conditions commercial purchase of medicines that plan to be implemented as of December 1.

Pharmacies are the weakest link in the drug marketing chain, since we do not participate in setting its price, which is imposed and unique throughout the country. The profitability of the pharmacy is related to a system of discounts agreed between laboratories and drugstores, which as of December, without consultation, would have planned to reduce significantly.

If such a reduction occurs, the measure will affect the entire pharmacy sector, unjustifiably decreasing their profitability, pushing them into an unsustainable economic situation, if not to their disappearance. In this way, clients, patients and social works in general will be harmed, hindering the normal accessibility of the population to the medicine.

Pharmaceutical entities, echoing the above, are committed to taking all actions within our reach to prevent the deterioration of our pharmacies. The intention is to inform the population about this new load that we are trying to transfer, warning them about the problems that we will have to replenish our stock, thus preventing the normal provision of the pharmaceutical service.

We formally request a meeting with the laboratory authorities to try not to implement a decision that would be abusive, and thus prevent damage from occurring. It will be very difficult to meet the salary commitments agreed with our workers if this goes ahead.

We will also make it clear to PAMI, obras sociales, and prepaid medical companies that, if the drop in profitability that the pharmaceutical industry claims is imposed on us, it will be impossible to provide proper care.

Argentine Pharmacy Owners Association (ASOFAR)

Argentine Federation of Chambers of Pharmacies (FACAF)

Association of Mutual and Union Pharmacies of the Argentine Republic (AFMSRA)

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