Leo Messi and the impact on brands that an early elimination in the world cup could generate

A commercial batch at halftime of any World Cup match on the Qatari chain BeinSports, the most watched in the Arab world, has five ads. Four of them are led by the most attractive figure of this World Cup: Leo Messi.

For this reason, the defeat in the debut not only disrupted the plans of the Argentine players, coaching staff and fans. He also put on alert the dozens of companies that invested hundreds of millions of dollars so that the global Messi brand is his image.

The captain of the Argentine National Team is the face of the main campaigns on TV, social networks and also in the graphic pieces displayed on highways and buildings in Doha. Companies and governments secured the figure of the star several years ago and, now, they fear that a new false step by Scaloni’s team will make them lose millions.

According to Forbes, the man from Rosario is at the top of the world ranking of the highest paid athletes. He’s ahead of NBA stars Lebron James and Stephen Curry, and he’s also ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. The numbers indicate that this year he has earned about 130 million dollars: 75 million for his contract with PSG (owned by the emir of Qatar) and another 55 million dollars for advertising revenue. When the World Cup ends, the second part will end well above the balance.

global ambassador

From the humble southern zone of Rosario to being a global brand ambassador. The multinationals Adidas and Pepsi have hired the Argentine captain for years. He also appears throughout the World Cup capital in the image of Ooredoo, the Qatari telecommunications giant that dominates the market in the Middle East, North Africa and much of Southeast Asia.

In addition, it added the sponsorship of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a controversial and multimillion-dollar contract. And he also surprised with an exclusive network campaign for Louis Vuitton.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s campaign for Louis Vuitton

With the German sports brand that is an official sponsor of FIFA, Messi has had a contract since 2006. In the World Cup that year, the gigantographies of this young man who was already a reality in Barcelona papered the streets of the main German cities. Although he spent more time on the bench than on the pitch, since that World Cup Messi and the brand with the three stripes have been united. In 2017, he signed an upgrade to his contract, which became lifelong as long as he remains active.

The agreement with the North American giant PepsiCo was signed in 2017. The Argentine 10 is the face of different advertisements for Pepsi, Gatorade and Lays around the world. It also closed an agreement with Budweiser, the American company that is an official sponsor of FIFA.

The best player in the world closed this year one of the most controversial agreements. He signed with Saudi Arabia, the “executioners” of the Selection in the debut on Tuesday, a million-dollar contract with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Tourism. Although the numbers were not disclosed, last year it was leaked that Ronaldo rejected the same offer from the Saudi government. They had tempted him with about six million dollars a year.

The agreement is above, according to reports, the one that the Englishman David Beckham closed to be the cultural ambassador of Qatar for the next ten years. The former player of the England team, who wants to have Messi even for a season in his team, Inter Miami, arranged a contract of around 200 million dollars.

Messi signed a contract with the Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Capture

And that’s not all. The Argentine captain also has clauses in which he shares the sponsorship in the clubs in which he plays. For example, when he arrived in Paris, PSG, Nike and Michael Jordan pocketed 100 million dollars in just one week from the sale of shirts with the number 30 on the back.

In Argentina, he stars in the YPF campaign. Messi sealed an agreement to be the main image of the alliance between the energy company and the Argentine Football Association.

the list goes on

In the past, he had agreements that brought succulent dividends to his bank account. Among them, Chinese dairy giant Mengnui Group, Dubai Expo 2020, Konami and Huawey. And the list goes on: Herbalife, Head & Shoulders, Tata Motors, Bimbo, FIFA 15, Dolce & Gabbana, Samsung, KFC and Gillette.

Messi’s advertising for the Saudi Ministry of Tourism

Associated with other sports such as tennis, Formula 1 or golf, luxury brands began to see football as a showcase that allowed them to expand to markets such as China, India or these Middle Eastern countries. The social media campaign launched by Louis Vuitton exploded a few days after the start of the World Cup.

Here, in Qatar, next to Messi are the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian Neymar. Also, some “legends” continue to use the image they garnered in their years in business. Like the Englishman David Beckham, the Italian Andrea Pirlo or the Brazilian Cafú. A “research” for times of retirement.


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