How much does the ticket for Mexico vs Argentina cost in resale, according to fans in Qatar

Mexico vs Argentina (Infobae Mexico)
Mexico vs Argentina (Infobae Mexico)

In accordance with mexican fans who traveled to the Cup of World in Qatar 2022in the vicinity of the main center to purchase tickets for the matches, there are many rsellers that offer tickets to see Portugal, Brazil, and above all, the Mexico against Argentina next November 26.

However, the combination between Lionel Messi and the large number of Mexicans that crowd the streets of Doha, have made the match of day 2 group C become the most sought after, and therefore, one of the most expensive, because in resale it can be offered up to a thousand dollars; that is, close to 20 thousand pesos. This was pointed out by fans for ESPN:

“They have offered me $600 and up (12,000 pesos), one in 1,500 (30,000 pesos), but it’s not enough for me”

“I hope to find it for 500 dollars (10 thousand pesos), I can’t pay more. It’s all I bring […] It’s very difficult”commented another follower of the Mexican National Team, less than 24 hours after the commitment against the Albiceleste.

Soccer Football - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Doha, Qatar - November 22, 2022 Mexico fans pose with their flag at the Souq ahead of the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini
Soccer Football – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Doha, Qatar – November 22, 2022 Mexico fans pose with their flag at the Souq ahead of the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

It is worth mentioning that the tickets have been sold out for weeks and there is a push-pull for a ticket for the game in which Mexico could eliminate one of the great favorites to win the cupin case of a win.

“It’s the game against Messi, I wouldn’t sell it for anything in the world. I came to see Mexico first and then Messi, I’m not going to miss it”said another fan who made the 20-plus hour trip to Lusail Stadium.

After this commitment, the tickets that are most quoted are those of the matches of Brazil and Portugalwhich range from 300 dollars (six thousand pesos) to 500 (10 thousand pesos), to see one of the main favorites to win the World Cup or the group that commands Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fans fight Mexico and Argentina in Qatar

After Argentina’s unexpected 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia at the start of the tournament, Group C of the World Cup in Qatar was red hot and this Saturday’s duel between the Albiceleste and Mexico (began its journey with a 0-0 equality against Poland) will be key to the future of both teams.

This Wednesday night, three days before the match, supporters of both casts staged different violent episodes through the streets of Doha, leaving the balance of several wounded and riots around the city.

For a few hours the weather began to warm up, since every time they cross the city different chicanas or insults are usually heard, looking for the reaction of the other side. And one day, everything exploded.

Fans fight Mexico and Argentina in Qatar

The verbal exchange went to major and different groups of Argentines and Mexicans began to fight. The videos quickly went viral on social media. Those present report that the local authorities did not intervene and that some tourists were in charge of intervening to calm things down.

In one of the images you can see how a group of El Tri supporters approach some Argentines under the cry of “Cold chests, cold chests”. However, the worst confrontation took place inside a Qatari venue, in which several glasses, bottles and punches flew. In the middle of a loud shouting, a person passed with the cameras with all the bloody face. “Fucking Messi”was another of the war cries of the Mexicans.

The rivalry between the two countries is long-standing and has increased in recent times, as a result of the elimination of Mexico in the round of 16 at the hands of Argentina in the World Cups in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010.


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