Guardado’s wife is busted in networks for taking a babysitter to the World Cup

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The wife of Andres GuardadoSandra de la Vega, received several critics on social media after posting some Photographs with their sons and the woman that the takes care. Although de la Vega never pointed out that she was the nanny of the little ones, some users took it upon themselves to provide the information in the comments of the Instagram post.

On Instagram several of the comments they clap to de la Vega for wear to baby sister to the world: “What a nice detail”, “You are taking into account the person, to whom you are giving a wonderful experience”.

However, in Twitter the reception it was totally different. On Elon Musk’s social network, some users made ironic comments about the decision of Guardado’s wife to take “Ushi”.

She doesn’t go on vacationBy little do you think they lead her to enjoy? They take her so that she can take care of the children 24/7″, commented one of them, while another followed the line: “She is Sandra de la Vega, wife of Andrés Guardado he took the doñita to carry the girl while she records”.

These critics were discredited by other users of the same social networkwho indicated that they would like to be in the place of the nanny to travel frequently with the family.

Sandra de la Vega replied

After social media users criticized her for several hours, Sandra of the vegetablesa them answered with two photographs, one where Ushi was and another where he was not. The publication was accompanied by an ironic message: “With our Ushi and without our Ushi (for those who do not agree that he has come“.

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