Discover the best equipment for trail running, skiing or hiking this winter

Winter is here, and with it the possibility of continuing to enjoy outdoor sports, with snow and low temperatures as the main protagonists these months. There are many studies that confirm the numerous benefits that physical activity has for our physical and mental health, especially if it is carried out outdoors, either going up mountains or descending them while drawing curves with our skis; running on trails or simply walking during an excursion that allows us to admire the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Indeed, practicing winter sports serves to do cardiovascular exercise with greater intensity than in summer, burn the calories that we are accumulating, gain flexibility and resistance, obtain the benefits of sunlight in this season of the year and keep our immune system active, in addition to get rid of stress, release serotonin and enjoy the pleasures of adventure.

In the middle of the French Alps, a team of top-level engineers, designers and athletes develop the products that will write the future of winter sports.

For the experience to be perfect, there is nothing better than having good equipment that protects us from the cold and adapts to our body, providing total security, like the one offered by Salomon. This company, a world leader in winter sports and trail running, has been creating clothing, footwear and various materials and equipment specially designed for all those people who find their “playground” in nature and also a space of inspiration for 75 years.

Solomon’s new mantra, tomorrow is yoursperfectly defines the adventurous and independent spirit of all those who seek to develop their full physical and mental potential by practicing sports in the open air and interacting fully and respectfully with our natural environment.

Equipped for tomorrow

At the Annecy Design Center, located in a unique enclave in the French Alps, a team of professionals, including top-level engineers, designers, and athletes, work together to create and develop prototypes of their products, with whom they want continue to write the future of winter sports and help all the people who strive to bring out the best version of themselves.


Branded Cross Hike Mid Gtx Salomon

The Cross Hike 2 Mid Gore Tex hiking boots are ideal for any type of terrain

From this authentic laboratory of innovation, benchmarks for this type of sports have emerged, such as the Cross Hike 2 Mid Gore Tex, ideal for unleashing the adventurous spirit on any type of terrain. These agile and lightweight hiking boots have achieved something that until now seemed impossible: keep us grounded at all times, providing complete protection and a lightweight feeling worthy of a featherweight. Its deep, multidirectional studs are capable of “biting” the ground with energy, while the higher shaft increases ankle support.

Trail running lovers will also appreciate the Speedcross 6 GTX, a shoe true to its legendary roots that is now presented in an even lighter version, with a more powerful connection that adheres to the ground and faster mud removal. In addition, it presents a renewed, functional and spirited shovel, with all the comfort combined with speedcross.

Branded Salomon SPEEDCROSS 6 Wht_Black

The Speedcross 6 GTX shoes come in an even lighter version, with a more powerful connection and faster mud evacuation.

For road running, the best option is Glide Max, the shoe with the most cushioning and light as a feather, weighing only 275 grams. The increased height of the sole is combined with the Energy Surge component of the midsole to provide maximum cushioning and offer a smooth and comfortable ride. Its Reverse Camber rocker geometry and 8mm drop ensure a smooth transition over any distance.

Branded Salomon_GHO_GLIDE MAX LunRoc_Black_Tanager

The Glide Max shoes are the best option for running on the road

Salomon’s most sporty-style shoe, Speedverse PRG, reinterprets a recognized brand icon, the Speedcross, in a modern and daring way, to turn it into a contemporary-style shoe that is perfectly suited to outdoor activities and also the day to day of urban life.

Branded Salomon ski Pro Alpha

The S/Pro Alpha 130 ski boot offers simply outstanding performance and fit.

For ski lovers, the S/Pro Alpha 130 boot offers simply extraordinary performance and fit, whatever the shape of our feet, guaranteeing a stronger talent hold without applying unnecessary pressure on the instep. Fully customizable and featuring a removable tongue, this 98mm race strap boot instantly increases the comfort and performance levels of the most experienced skier.

To tackle the most technical trails, it’s best to turn to the Bonatti Trail Waterproof Jacket. With a smart construction and seamless shoulders, its high-end Japanese Pertex® fabric encases our body in a lightweight layer of waterproof protection.

Branded Bonatti Trail Salomon

The Bonatti Trail Waterproof Jacket features smart construction and high-end Japanese Pertex® fabric and waterproof protection.

And when it comes to facing any type of adventure, there is nothing better than storing everything you need in the ultra-stable XT 10 backpack, made with soft materials, multiple storage options and easy hydration.

The ADV Skin 12 backpack is specially designed to tackle the most demanding endurance races, thanks to its design that offers greater freedom and fit, maximizes comfort and stability and incorporates versatile new storage. This 12-litre version is ideal for those who want to enjoy longer outings and races.

Branded Adv Skin backpack Salomon

The 12-litre version of the ADV Skin 12 backpack is perfect for enjoying longer outings and races.

Finally, the Driver Prima Sigma™ Photo Mips outlines the helmet standard of the future, blurring the lines between helmets with a visor and helmet and goggles. The seamlessly integrated Sigma™ Photocromic magnetic visor offers greater color contrast whatever the weather, while the perfect fit and various features ensure all-day comfort and safety.

In short, Salomon continues to offer top quality materials and equipment, capable of adapting to the different types of winter sports (trail running, hiking, skiing, sport style, road…) so that all we have to worry about is continuing to enjoy to be in full contact with nature.

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