Cardiovascular medicine and technology of the Bayamón Heart and Lung Institute for the benefit of patients

The hospital recently inaugurated new cardiovascular and thoracic surgery rooms and a cardiovascular intensive unit.

Luisa Ochoa

November 25, 2022 | | Reading time: 3 min

New medical and surgical facilities of the Bayamón Heart and Lung Institute. Photo: Bayamon Medical Center.

The Bayamón Heart and Lung Institute enabled new services for patients suffering from cardiovascular conditions on the Island, diseases that continue to be the main cause of death for the population of Puerto Rico and the world.

With the opening of new medical and surgical facilities, patients will be able to access personalized services with quality technology and have professionals trained in the management of heart disease.

The main private cardiovascular center in Puerto Rico

“Today we have become the main private cardiovascular center in all of Puerto Rico. We started this transformation three years ago and today we see the final product of this building intended for patients with cardiovascular conditions”, highlighted the Lcdo. José Samuel Rosado, executive director of the Bayamón Medical Center and Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital.

The medical center has two cardiology rooms, one of which is hybrid, that is, it has all the equipment to perform highly complex cardiovascular procedures such as chronic total occlusions; angioplasties; electrophysiology procedures; treatment of structural heart diseases and cardiovascular surgery.

In addition to that, the medical center has a particularity and that is that it provides all the services in one place, for the benefit of patients and specialists. Among the human resources that patients can count on are general cardiologists, internists, electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologists, intensivists, cardiovascular surgeons, and nursing and therapy personnel.

Exclusive attention to patients with cardiovascular conditions

“We serve the population of Bayamón, which by the way is one of the densest populations in Puerto Rico with more than 500,000 people, in the same way we support neighboring towns and due to the medical faculty that we have and our specialized services we receive patients from Ponce, Mayaguéz and all areas of Puerto Rico,” said the lawyer.

The rooms equipped with high-tech equipment contribute to the medical class

For the executive director, the new facilities of the Hospital contribute not only to the well-being of patients, but also to provide support to health professionals in Puerto Rico, in the midst of the exodus that is occurring in the country.

“One of the most important factors is that this helps prevent the flight of doctors and health professionals, we know that we are in a historical time where we have a shortage of certain specialties and through an investment of years we offer these professionals the health, the equipment and the facilities that help them make the decision to stay”, he concluded.

See the full program here.

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