Alexa Dellanos boasts embroidered beauties from her bedroom

The beautiful American content creatorAlexa Dellanos, working hard to be one of the favorite models of Internet users, sharing her impressive photo sessions in which she works with a team of professionals taking care of all the details, her outfit, her hairstyle, her makeup but above all her figure.

She was resting a bit from all this, but even so she did not forget her followers and that is why she decided to record a video right from her resting place, when she was lying down about to take a nap, totally natural, that is, without any drop of make-up.


Alexa Dellanos / Instagram

Alexa Dellanos shares cute photos and videos with fans on the internet.

In addition, he had the opportunity to show us off that beautiful pink embroidered outfit with which he was spending this relaxing time, resting a bit and hoping that his fans would accompany them by sharing these images in their stories, a section where he would disappear after 24 hours. .

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However, at Show News we decided to rescue the piece entertainment So that you can continue enjoying it whenever you want, I invite you not to wait to keep up to date with the news of this famous woman and many other of her companions, the most beautiful in the show.


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