What Funes Mori did when he found out that he would start with El Tri against his former country Argentina

Funes Mori and why he won everyone's job
Funes Mori and why he won everyone’s job

Rogelio Funes Mori is the bone of contention. It is that the forward of the Mexican national team, who plays in our country under the condition of naturalization, caused controversy and division, between the fans of Monterrey, who defend him, and the fans of the rest of the country.

It is that in the rest of the country the presence of the Argentine player is questioned a lot, who ended up becoming a naturalized Mexican for this World Cup process, now even, according to David Medrano, there is talk that the player would start against Argentina.

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Seeing that it could be sold, the one that El Tri would take against Argentina, Martino would be far away

The player who did not celebrate with Ochoa the cover of the Tri

For this reason, on social networks, Funes Mori showed another face, perhaps a more personal one to share with people. There, Funes posted an image in which he shares a mate with the Mexican player. Hector Herrera.

Why did Funes Mori win the position over Henry and Raúl Jiménez?

The Argentinean Mexican player won the position, because due to physical condition, it will be difficult for him to collide with the Argentine defenders, so now, the coach Gerardo Martino, considers that Funes Mori is the key element in this new era of the Tri.

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