Walter Mercado: Astrology horoscopes for today, Wednesday, November 23

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March 20 – April 18th)

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, exalts romance and adventure in your life. You will meet new, exciting, different people. Any type of transaction, pending business, or personal matter is favored. Develop patience that everything will fall into place. Don’t program yourself to fail and keep a positive attitude. Lucky numbers: 13, 2, 50.


(April 19 – 19 of May)

The energy of the New Moon together with direct Jupiter will strengthen all sentimental relationships. It is time to start from scratch, forgive and warm your partner. If you are single, these will be an active few days in terms of making new friends. Don’t trust those who offer a lot. Lucky numbers: 27, 3, 41.


(May 20 – 19 of June)

It is possible that the energy of Jupiter will come to alter all your plans. Let yourself go, do not resist or you will end up doing what is least convenient for you. Focus your energy on finishing those projects that you have been putting off for later. The New Moon injects passion into your intimate relationships. You will impress your partner with your natural charms. Lucky numbers: 19, 8, 11.


(June 20th – July 21)

You will now be in decorating, changing your home. New ideas flow easily through your mind as Jupiter turns direct. Your creative spirit will lead you to manifest your multiple talents. You will enjoy good health depending on how much you have taken care of yourself lately. Any excess will be rejected by your body. Lucky numbers: 10, 46, 5.


(July 22 – August 21)

Jupiter, direct, splashes with “divine madness” throughout your life. Surely you will manage to please your partner and have fun together, but in a somewhat unusual way. The New Moon will upset all your plans, but this will not affect you since you will now be able to improvise and try something new. Lucky numbers: 30, 2, 45.


(August 22nd – Sept. 21)

Your home will now be your haven of peace. Jupiter and this New Moon fill it with light, harmony, and peace even when everything turns around next to you. You will surround yourself with beauty, music and beautiful and happy people. Your workplace will be one full of new experiences where you will learn and share them with your colleagues. Lucky numbers: 1, 24, 14.


(Sept. 22 – Oct 22)

There is a lot of planetary activity. Jupiter powerfully exalts your word. Good time to ask for what you want in a very sweet and subtle way. The New Moon brings you good news in terms of work and family, as well as it will also shake up your plans for the future, but those changes are good for you. Lucky numbers: 33, 10, 27.


(Oct 23 – Nov 20)

Very personal matters are revealed for you to pay due attention to. Jupiter makes money easy for you, but you must be very careful in the way you invest or spend it. This New Moon will lead you to make decisions that will make you think very well about what has already been decided for you. Do not discuss the secrets that have been entrusted to you. Lucky numbers: 18, 31, 15.


(Nov 21 – Dec 20)

Jupiter turns direct increasing your popularity. You will attract everyone’s attention. They will look for you, they will need you. The New Moon will touch your spiritual side. It is necessary to establish a balance between your social life and your spirituality. The connection with your beings of light will guide you to make wise decisions. Lucky numbers: 46, 28, 34.


(Dec 21 – Jan 18)

Jupiter stimulates your curiosity for everything related to the spiritual world. Investigate, get involved in the new, in what you have never tried before. This New Moon could cause some instability in your plans and it will shake everything false in your life, leading you to face the truth. Lucky numbers: 17, 9, 23.


(Jan 19 – Feb 17)

Jupiter, direct, awakens your desire to succeed, to make yourself noticed, to express your excellent ideas. The New Moon will cause an encounter with people of authority where you will challenge it. It will be difficult for you to adapt to the rules. You will feel like looking for a new job or getting involved in some type of activity that challenges your talents. Lucky numbers: 6, 49, 34.


(Feb 18 – 19 of March)

Unexpected changes are coming under this new Moon and from Jupiter, which turns direct. It is imperative that you be more flexible and do not resist them. Cooperate with those who work alongside you. In health, follow medical recommendations. Do not self-prescribe. Eat properly, with healthy, pure, natural foods. Lucky numbers: 44, 20, 15.

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