TAS condemns Independiente de Argentina for its debt to Club América for the transfer of Cecilio Domínguez

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The America club continues to face the melodrama with the Independent due to the debt for the signing of the Paraguayan player, Cecilio Dominguez, as a result of their precarious economic situation that has prevented Argentines from settling the bill, in this sense, the Bluecream Directive has availed itself of the support of the FIFA Y TAS.

TAS rejected the appeal of Independiente

In 2021, the FIFA protected the interests of America club in order to force the Independent to pay the balance of 5.7 million dollars for the transfer of the soccer player, together with the compensation fine, although the Argentine team tried to buy more time to cover the charge to its creditors, the TAS He has already issued his ruling in favor of the people of the capital.

The eagles of america They have stated that they wish to have the liquidation in a single exhibition with a term extended to two months. Therefore, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) decided that Independent it must cover the amount, in 45 days, and in case of not being like that, the South American team would be sanctioned with the prohibition of transfers.

According to the information shared by the sports journalist, Cesar Luis Merlo, Independent must cover the “legal fees and expenses of Club América for this proceeding and, consequently, order Club América to forfeit the sum of CHF 10,000 for this purpose.”

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