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This Tuesday, November 22 Saudi Arabia stunned Argentina at the World Cup from Qatar. The defeat of the ‘albiceleste’ has generated endless reactions on social networks, including the case of a woman who mistakenly bet on the Asian country and won millions of pesos.

During these World Cup dates several fans have downloaded different sports betting applications. For this match the bookmakers were paying a rate between 19 to 1 and 23 to 1 in the then unlikely scenario that the Saudis would win.

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The @ezebeider Twitter profile revealed the case of a young Argentine who mistakenly opted for Saudi Arabia and He ended up earning about 25,000 Argentine pesos, that is, about 745,000 Colombian pesos.

“To all this, my girlfriend’s boluda was wrong and bet on a combination for Saudi Arabia because she did not understand how the page worked and she just withdrew 25 Lucas. Unbelievable,” she wrote.

The lucky one is called Eve and at halftime, when Argentina was winning, she entered the betting application and, not knowing very well how it worked, he ended up checking the Saudi Arabia box.

“He just told me that he bet on Saudi Arabia at halftime!!!! Thinking that number 2 was that Argentina was going to score one more goal. I can’t believe it,” he added.

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At the moment, the tweet has more than two thousand retweets, more than 112 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Beautiful mistake, you played it and won… Done”, “Come on Eve, capitalizing on sadness”, “Well, at least you have something positive”, are some of the comments from Internet users.

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