MLB confirmed the additional money Altuve received after winning the World Series with the Astros


According to an article published by the official website of the MLB, the Houston Astros achieved a record of earnings never seen before in the history of the Major Leagues. More money for José Altuve and company!

José Altuve with Houston Astros in MLB 2022
© Carmen Mandato/Getty ImagesJosé Altuve with Houston Astros in MLB 2022

The good news keeps coming Houston Astros after winning the 2022 World Series. On this occasion, the official page of the mlb confirmed the profit record by postseason actions What did the team achieve? Jose Altuve, Jeremy Pena and company. This mark had not been seen in the 119-year history of the Playoffs.

Now the question is: What are Playoff Stocks? According to the official glossary of terms of major leagues, a Postseason share is created from money from ticket sales. In other words, it’s a system that determines how much players earn when their respective teams enter the postseason.

The player pool corresponding to postseason actions it is made up of 50% of the tickets from the Wild Card Round games, 60% of the box office from the first three games of the Division Series and the first four games of both the Championship Series and the World Series. Jose Altuve, Jeremy Peña, Justin Verlander and all Houston Astros they took a record amount in MLB history.

Each team that participated in the MLB Playoffs 2022 decides how many full or partial Postseason shares to issue and for this occasion, the Astros issued 59 shares for a record value not seen in Major League history.

It’s a record: The money Altuve received after winning the World Series with the Astros was confirmed

Proceeds from the 2022 MLB Playoffs brought in a record player pool of $107.5 million, up 19% from 2021 ($90.5 million), according to an article published by’s Mark Feinsand. This historic value led the Houston Astros to issue 59 Postseason shares worth $516,347 each. To the Playoff bonus they received Jose Altuve, Jeremy Pena and company, adds up to US$940,000 in cash prizes.

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