Chivas: This businessman would be willing to buy the herd and change its headquarters!

Ricardo Salinas Pliegopresident of Grupo Salinas and owner of Mazatlán FC, is known for his sense of humor with the fans and his followers on social networks and this time, during his stay in Qatar due to the World Cup 2022made a joke about a traditional Liga MX team, Chivas.

And it is that he passed through the 974 Stadium, which is made of containers and removable material to later disassemble it and donate it to a city in soccer development, for which the businessman raised his hand to be able to have it.

“There is the container stadium. If they don’t donate them, we can put it…”, to which he was interrupted by another person who proposed that he hold a festival in Pátzcuaro, something that Salinas saw as a very good idea.

The video was accompanied by a post in which he asks his followers if it is okay for them to buy from the Chivas to take them to play in Pátzcuaro, obviously in a sarcastic way. “I was thinking about managing a stadium for Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. How do you see if we buy Chivas and take them to play in Pátzcuaro?”



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