Canelo Álvarez admitted that he kicked 2 people out of his daughter’s party

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez He acknowledged that he ran a couple of people from his daughter’s XV-year party Emily Cinnamonalthough none of them was from Grupo Firme or Carín León, as was pointed out in a radio show show.

Still surprised by the rumor that was unleashed as a result of the aforementioned comment, the undisputed 168-pound recalled how he lived the moment, which was also astonished by the wave of comments that was unleashed, since there was no reason for it to be so.

What did Canelo Álvarez say about Eduin Caz?

“Eduin and I spoke to each other and he says ‘sons of the bitch, there is nothing to get’. I mean, I did run some of the party, but nothing to do with the artists. I ran to two that were not to my liking. one has to be as it is. I didn’t invite them, that’s the problem, so Why am I going to be at my daughter’s XV years with people I don’t want to be with?“, he clarified in an interview with Adela Micha.

Canelo assured that no one noticed his requestwhich he did “in the kindest way” and without any evidence of it.

He decided to cut his daughter’s XV-year party

What the Guadalajara recognized was that decided to end the celebrationsince his daughter had thought of a “club” to celebrate with her friends, so he and a select group of guests They withdrew to a corner of their farm, where they continued the party..

“It was already five or six in the morning, and I ‘let’s go’, because my daughter had set up a club for the kids’ party; there we were Carín León, Eduin, but already“.

Defend Firm Group

On the other hand, the Guadalajara applauded the importance that Grupo Firme has taken on in popular culturea double-edged sword, since criticism will be constant, as happened in their presentation at the Azteca Stadium at halftime of the NFL game between Arizona and San Francisco, where they were booed.

They are always going to take things out of you because you are the most important grouplet it go and it will do so while you are on top.

They really want to and are dedicated. It’s going well for him because she gets into her own business and thinks beyond being a simple group, she wants other things and that’s why it’s going well for him.”

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