Learn about the unexpected ritual that the son of Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, has before going on stage and giving a show

Julio Iglesias he has been as successful in music as he is with women, his ladylike fame precedes him and is almost as well known as his greatest hits. However, there are two ladies who have marked his life and they are the ones with whom he has had his children -at least the ones the musician has recognized-; there are eight children of Julythe three eldest Chábeli, July José and Enrique Iglesias are the fruit of their love with Isabel Preysler. The remaining five, Miguel Alejandro, Rodrigo, the twins Victoria and Cristina, Guillermo, and the youngest Carlos Luis churches; they are children of July and Miranda Rijnsburger. In this case we will focus on Enriquewho has also known how to form his family next to anna Kournikova.

Of all the extensive offspring of Julio Iglesias, only Enrique Iglesias has managed to emulate the enormous success of his father, although July José has also tried it and Chábeli had his forays as a TV host. Paradoxically, there is a rivalry between July father and Enriquewhich many say was born from the jealousy of churches father towards his son; the truth is that the husband of anna Kournikova He never received any support from his father regarding his musical career.

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