Four Mexicans requested consular protection in Qatar, after Mexico vs. Poland, two of them were inconvenient

The fans went to the Centro México Qatar 2022 in search of help for administrative offenses, all of them were released.

DOHA — Four Mexicans requested consular protection after the game between Mexico Y Polandthe attention was provided by the authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the game between Mexico Y Polandfour Mexicans approached the Mexican authorities to request consular protection for administrative issues and a case for ticket sales, which was clarified, the sources indicated to ESPN.

Consular protection is requested in cases of arrest, prison, accident, illness, loss or theft of a passport, this medium was informed.

According to the sources, two fans “came with too many drinks and they staggered,” another carried additional tickets that were his property and the last one for carry a large amount of cashthe problem was compounded by the fact that the security staff did not speak English.

In Qatar 2022 installed a Center Mexico Qatar 2022which began operations after the World Cup, due to the fact that a large number of Mexican fans were expected in the Middle East.

From the first day, cases of Mexicans with problems on World Cup soil were attended to, since a person of that nationality had lost his passport and opened the facilities, the same day it was opened.

Another Mexican citizen also received support, because he lost his passport from the plane and the extension of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is in Qatar He helped him fix his situation, so that he could enter World Cup territory.

Now it is reported that there are four Mexicans who requested consular protection after the game between Mexico Y Polandwhich ended with a goalless draw and with Guillermo Ochoa as one of the figures of the team he leads Gerardo “Tata” Martino.

The Center Mexico Qatar 2022 was inaugurated by himself Marcelo Ebrard and in the event that the situation of the Mexicans is a legal issue, the extension of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can only attend to the case with advice and without paying the legal costs that this generates.

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