Ahead of Black Friday, Amazon founder warns about what not to buy this year

A few hours before starting Black Friday, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezoshas recommended to all buyers not to invest in certain objects, since there is still the possibility of entering a recession due to the economic crisis that is coming.

Black Friday or Black Friday is a day of great discounts, in which people take the opportunity to make their Christmas purchases such as clothes, appliances, decorations, among others.

This day of sales sales originated in the United States, but is celebrated in different countries such as El Salvador. For this year 2022, Black Friday will be on November 25 and the stores are ready to receive their buyers.

Purchases must be measured, given the difficult situations that are likely to be experienced in 2023. Photo: iStock

Despite the fact that Black Friday represents a single day, there are countries that have applied Black Week, in which price reductions are extended for all days of the week.

However, given the excitement of consumers to obtain significant discounts on their bills, Bezos warned that the world is going through an economic crisis, so people must be aware of it and measure themselves with purchases.

“If you’re thinking about buying a big screen TV, think again, save that cash and wait and see what happens. Same thing with a new car, or whatever. Just reduce the risks”, highlighted the businessman in an interview for ‘CNN’.

Bezos assures that the recession can happen at any time and that 2023 will bring various economic and social changes. “We are not in a recession yet, but it is likely that we will be very soon,” added the magnate.

What are the recommendations?

Cars, flat screen televisions, stereos, among other household appliances are the purchases that you should avoid to benefit your pocket, according to Bezos. Photo: iStock

The founder of Amazon, by way of warning, recommends that it is not necessary to invest in the latest model giant screen televisions, sound equipment, a car or other objects of this magnitude, given the recession mentioned above.

“Delaying big purchases is the surest way to keep something in reserve in the event of a prolonged economic downturn,” Bezos concluded.


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