He raised who are the “greatest enemies” of Latinos in the United States and several agreed: “They take advantage”

Laura Calderón is Colombian and has been in the North American country for five years. before reaching his true ideal of the American dream, he had to go through many unfortunate moments. Now he shares how his life managed to fit into the reality of the United States. In one of his videos, she detailed an ongoing problem he found in the Latin American community there that can make it difficult for newcomers to adjust.

From the tiktoker’s perspective, the main rival of a Latino is unfortunately another Latino. Although he considered that within that classification there are some categories. So he listed three types of people who, in general, make life difficult for their compatriots.

The migrant considered that there are people who take advantage of the ignorance that newcomers to the US have. Those who fit this profile promise to help them get a home, car insurance or any other need, but with bad intentions . “It takes advantage to deceive you and even steal money”, he recounted in one of the last videos on his account @lauracalderontv.

Who is the number one enemy of a Latino in the US, according to a tiktoker?

In second place is the Latino “who has papers and thinks he is more than the rest.” These types of people, according to Laura, are the ones who discriminate against people who are originally from their own country. The reason is that they seem to assume that they are in a position of power just because of their legal status.

The content creator considered that bad intentions can be even in the closest people, who are entrusted with the most intimate details of the experience in that country. “It can be the one who works or lives with you and sees that you are doing, even a little bit, better than him. He has lived here for years, so he doesn’t like it and envy does his part, ”she said.

In that sense, The Colombian made some recommendations so that her compatriots are not victims of scams or deception. “I always advise you not to be afraid to go to official sources (city halls, community schools, government agencies, etc.) to request information. Nothing happens, ”she stressed.

In addition, he urged foreigners to be more careful when requesting help. Especially if they just settled in the country: “Use your intuition with people”.

The foreigner considered that, although there are bad people, there are also others who have good intentions.
The foreigner considered that, although there are bad people, there are also others who have good intentions.@lauracalderontv/TikTok

The virtual community participated in the comments section. Some people reported her own experiences and confirmed Laura’s version: “I have a cousin who has a restaurant in society and when I arrived I asked her for a job, but she did not want to give me”; “Your family tells you ‘you’re not in Peru here’ all the time and for the least you do,” shared other Latinos.

Some more users gave the recommendation to associate with people of different nationalities: “That’s why you have to learn English and make friends with the native gringos”, they advised.


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