Today’s horoscope, November 21, 2022, of all the zodiac signs

In today’s horoscope, monday november 21the Moon in his process of last quarter it helps you to put aside the impediments and free yourself from problems in the area of ​​your horoscope in which it is happening.


You are of a very rational sign, which is why it will be very easy for you to culminate with everything that does you harm or no longer serves you. It is for this reason that the waning quarter phase will be very appropriate for you and more so in these times when you have accumulated anxieties from what you have experienced in recent months.

Take advantage of this day to firmly propose to banish bad habits or attitudes, also to better cope with this process I recommend you let go of the things in your life that are negative for you, from a relationship or work problems. Changing this will make you emotionally clean for the New Moon on Wednesday.

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In order to attract new people into your life, you must first get out of complicated feelings and relationships. To this end, the waning quarter Moon will benefit you to do so on this day.

Take the opportunity to get out of toxic relationships and the feelings that they left you, because you will have to stay happy and with an open heart ready to wait for love.

Dedicate this day to drive away old memories, sadness and low self-esteem, because in this way the situations and people you attract will change. Trust yourself more and you will see how you attract the right person after the New Moon on Wednesday.

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The Moon in its waning quarter phase will indicate that it is time to focus on your health. Since on Wednesday you will start a new cycle of personal care, it is good that these days you focus on further purifying your body with a diet and strengthening your entire immune system.

This will allow you to have your body more protected, it also takes the opportunity to get out of bad eating habits and rest badly to start a healthier cycle. Consider that you are doing a complete renewal of all your cells to remove traces of discomfort from their memories.

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The Moon has already begun its waning quarter phase. With this process, he recommends you review which situations in your life no longer give you pleasure, to get out of these and receive better ones in the New Moon. This could be from a relationship, a business or a personal project, but the important thing is not to keep it in your life anymore.

It is also essential that you review which of the mentioned topics you started 12 or 6 months ago, because they are the ones that will have the most tendency to end. Remember that if you do this cleaning before Wednesday, from that day on you will be able to attract better situations.

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The moon in the waning quarter phase is associated with eliminating worn-out situations from your life, be it a relationship, a job, or even a certain state of mind that no longer serves you. It is good to do this now because it will ensure that you get out of circumstances that limit you and thus better start the new cycle of the new moon.

Also check that you can change your family relationships or if there is a member that you should walk away or demand a change for being someone toxic. Consider that it is important for harmony to attract the blessings of angels to your home with these five actions

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The Moon has already begun its waning quarter process. This phase is like a bridge between the past and the future because it prepares you for the New Moon. This preparation refers to cleaning a certain area of ​​your horoscope. This time it refers to memories of difficult situations or those ideas or beliefs that do not let you move forward.

It will also be good for you to review your plans for the year, as well as the pending projects you have. Those that you know you will not be able to fulfill should be removed from your list. In this way you will have a better start with the new Moon on Wednesday.

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The Moon is already in its waning quarter phase. This will be a good time to put an end to everything you no longer want to have in your life and calmly review which part of you you want to change, since the New Moon on Wednesday will offer you a new opportunity.

For this, take advantage of this day to analyze if it is time to change jobs, or if you already have the one you want, also how it is your way of earning money and if you are earning what you want because this will show you the value you give yourself. to yourself. If there is something that you should correct from what has been discussed, it is good to do it now to improve your relationship with money.

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The Waning Quarter Moon is a preparation for the New Moon that will be on Wednesday. By decreasing its size, it indicates that it is a time to conclude projects and close pending issues. It will also be a good time to cleanse bad habits, since you will have the strength to change this aspect of your life.

It also favors you to start a detox diet, an exercise plan, get out of stress and meditate more. For this to be effective for you, you must review and write down everything you want to leave behind. You should read this list once a day to keep him in mind.

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The Moon is already in its waning quarter phase. This lunar movement symbolizes a withdrawal, and it is a special moment for you to eliminate the internal fears that paralyze you.

As it is a final period and, at the same time, it is time to prepare for a new cycle of your life, it is good that you take advantage of it to get out of the confusion and low energy moods that you have had in recent weeks.

You will also be able to let out the feeling of not finding what your soul needs to be happy because with the New Moon you will renew your spiritual energy.

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The Moon is already very small in the sky and so it will continue to decrease. Her symbolism is the closing of a cycle, so much of your energy will be used to review, clarify or end situations.

In your case, the easiest to close will be those related to colleagues and your work group, see if you feel good working with them or the relationship is already unsustainable.

It will also help you to review if you have made the right efforts to improve these situations and what mistakes you can correct. Dedicate this day to resolving conflicts and use the lucky horseshoe to attract abundance.

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The Moon is in its fourth waning phase indicating that these are days to remove obstacles, close projects and be thankful for what you have achieved. This way you will be preparing yourself for a new cycle of better work experiences.

To do this cleaning it will be important that today you become aware that your growth depends directly on the confidence you have in yourself.

In this order of ideas, if you do not believe or doubt yourself, it will be the best time to get all this out of you, as well as to end those labor relationships that harm you or that you do not want to continue.

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The Moon is already in the waning quarter phase, indicating that it is time for cleaning and preparation to receive a new cycle. For your sign it is related to your ideas and your beliefs.

As in the last month, you have been rethinking your faith because you feel that it is hard for you to believe, with the mentioned moon phase you will have the opportunity to decide what will be the positive ideas that will stay with you.

For this reason, it is good that you take advantage of this day and review what old concepts are no longer reliable for you. This way you will be prepared for the New Moon on Wednesday and you will be able to incorporate new beliefs.

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