The message, the rain (and the chairs) that went viral at Ricardo Arjona’s concert in El Salvador

Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona presented himself with his successful Black and White Tour at the Cuscatlán stadium in El Salvador.

the tour that officially started last Thursday February 3 in Spain and with which he has toured several countries in Europe and America.

La Prensa Gráfica described that the show began at 9:30 as the organizers announced, “the black and white stage was illuminated, the first to appear were the musicians. Minutes later, accompanied by a guitar and dressed in black, he began to interpret the songs from his most recent albums “Blanco” and “Negro”.

But, before that moment, the rain was part of the wait to the point that the attendees took the plastic chairs to cover themselves. This caused curious photos and videos that have gone viral on social networks.

Ricardo Arjona after this episode I send a hopeful message to all attendees. “…If the rain thought for a moment that it was going to prevent tonight, it was very wrong…we have been through many worse things. They locked us in four walls, they put a mask on us and left us abandoned with a cell phone in our hands”…said the singer-songwriter and continued with the successful concert.

Attendees protected themselves from the rain with the chairs at the concert. (Free Press Photo: taken from El Salvador City News)

We share the video of Anibal Castro who shared on TikTok a video of the Guatemalan creator of songs waiting as Lady of the four decades Y Come with me to be alone.


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♬ original sound – Anibal Castro

The evening continued with the concert. Among the songs performed were The Problem, No damage to third parties, If the north were the south, Lady of the four decades, Tell me no, to mention a few.

This is Arjona’s 101 concert in which thousands of people attended. Recently his label Metamorfosis notified that Black and White Tour has reached more than a million and a half peoplewho has a firm step and who the tour has been considered one of the 20 most powerful in the world alongside Coldplay and other music celebrities. The Guatemalan singer-songwriter appeared at the Explanada Cayalá with a full house and offered a special show in his country.

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