passenger recorded plane crash from Latam with fire truck on the runway

A plane from Latam Peru, which was covering the Lima-Juliaca route, suffered a strong collision before takeoff with a truck from the Fire Rescue and Extinction Service that was traveling on the runway, a fact that left two people dead who made the aeronautical fire brigade.

“Lima Airport Partners deeply regrets the loss of life of two members of the LAP Aeronautical Fire Department in the accident that occurred this afternoon between a fire engine and the aircraft that served flight LA2213 that covered the Lima-Juliaca route that occurred this afternoon. ”, reported the entity.

The Lima firefighters indicated that the emergency was registered at 3:25 p.m.for which ambulances and at least four units were dispatched.

Passenger recorded from inside the plane crash of Latam Peru

In the recording it is possible to see that the passenger is located right from the side where the crash occurred. The impact was such that, at the moment of the accident, he dropped his cell phone, losing the image, although the video continues recording, recording the difficult moments that the others involved inside the plane experienced.

Even, the panic that is experienced from the plane is heard, and although a stewardess goes towards the passengers to calm them down, fear is inevitable.

“Please remain seated, gentlemen. Remain seated and fasten your seatbelts, please”, one of the flight attendants is heard saying, which she repeats over and over again, a few seconds later he clarifies that they should not “Remove hand luggage” and adds: “Our safety is a priority”.

Finally, in the video it is seen that the person can grab his cell phone and says that the situation “is already controlled.” Latam passengers and crew are evacuated from the wrecked plane.

Videos from other angles

Other users on the social network Twitter have shared several videos from various angles, showing the shocking moment when the plane collides directly with the truck at high speed.

Accident victims

“We express our solidarity with the family of Ángel Torres of the Garibaldi 6 Fire Company and Nicolás Santa Gadea of ​​the Garibaldi 7 Fire Company,” the airport said in front of the people who died.

The airline clarified that there are no fatalities among crew and passengers. “We regret to confirm that flight LA2213 that covered the Lima – Juliaca route, operated by LATAM Airlines Peru, suffered an accident on the ground. There are no deceased passengers or crew members.” This is the information that the airline shares in your account Twitter.

Later they clarified more specific information in a statement: “There are no deaths among the 102 passengers and 6 crew members. As a precaution, all passengers and crew are being referred to care centers.

In addition, the airline regretted the death of the firefighters in the statement: “LATAM Airline Peru regrets the death of 2 firefighters who were in the vehicle that collided with the plane, as reported by the Jorge Chávez Airport concessionaire, Lima Airport Partners” .

Operations at the airport were suspended due to the accident “until further notice,” Lima Airport Partners reported.

Similar events recently presented

Last month, a plane also from Latam airlines, with 48 passengers on board, made an emergency landing in Asunción, Paraguay.because it was without an engine and with serious damage, after going through a strong storm.

The Chilean-Brazilian airline LATAM Airlines, was created in 2012 after the merger of the Chilean LAN and the Brazilian TAM- operates 144 destinations in 22 countries with 30,000 workers.

International Writing *With information from AFP*

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