Messi clarifies whether or not he is injured ahead of Argentina’s debut against Saudi Arabia and answers whether it will be his last World Cup


The selection of Argentina debuts in the Qatar World Cup 2022 this Tuesday against Saudi Arabia (4:00 am from Honduras) and Lionel Messi spoke at a press conference.

The first thing that the Argentine star has been asked is about his physical condition, after some images that circulate on social networks where his swollen ankle can be seen.

Messi He clarifies that he is not injured. ”I feel very good physically, the truth is that I think I arrived at a great moment, personally as well as physically. I have no problem, I heard that they said that I trained differently, it was because I had a blow and as a precaution, but nothing unusual, ”he explained.

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Messi He talked about how different this World Cup is, since it is being held on an unusual date.

“The time is different, it’s another time of the season, we arrive differently physically, it’s generally after many games, where you have a month to prepare the world. Now there is practically no time for that, we have to play very fast. We knew it was going to be like this, we arrived very well, we are prepared, the atmosphere that exists is always special”.

Leo also mentioned that this is surely his last world and has the dream of being champion.

”If I did a special preparation? No. It’s a different time in the season, with much fewer games, I always felt good with the continuity of the games, playing, I got a rhythm, I felt comfortable and that’s what I tried until I got here at the start of the season. world, but I did not do anything special: I took care of myself and worked as I did my entire career. It will probably be my last worldmy last chance to achieve the big dream I have, but nothing special.

”We hope to continue doing what we are doing with this group during this time, which has been growing game after game, which feels very good in the group and reflects it on the pitch. We expect a difficult game because of what the beginning of the World Cup means, because for many it is their first World Cup and everyone will be able to handle anxiety and nerves as best they can. But when the first 5 minutes pass, we are going to try to play as we have been doing and going to look for the game from the beginning and respecting the rival as we always do, “he added about the game against Saudi Arabia.

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Messi He says that he feels the affection of the people. “It is something beautiful that many people who are not Argentina want the National Team to be champions in large part because of me. I am grateful for the love I received throughout my sports career. Wherever I had to go, I always received love and this is one more example and it makes me happy that there are more people who want the same thing as me”.

On the way in which the albiceleste arrives, the captain affirms that the group is very united.

”I don’t know if we got better, but we came from winning and that decompresses a lot. It makes us work in a different way, so that people are not so anxious and people are not so aware of the results, but rather enjoying it more. This group reminds me of the one in 2014, which was a similar group, very close-knit, who was clear about what they wanted. It’s good to arrive like this because it gives confidence when you go out to play, ”he said.

And he added: ”I feel very excited, we are excited about this new beginning of the World Cup, I am grateful for the love that I always receive in all parts of the world and when the game starts everyone will want the same of his team and we will try to do the best for the match”.

Lionel Messi He has had wonderful moments in his professional career and he assures that today he is motivated.

“I don’t know if it’s the happiest moment of my career, but I do feel very good, it grabs me more mature, at a different age, I try to enjoy it to the fullest, to live it with another intensity, to enjoy every moment that touches me in the world as happened in the Copa América. Today I think I enjoy all that much more, before I didn’t think about it, I simply enjoyed playing that you didn’t have time or I didn’t give myself the time to enjoy it a lot, but to think about the next game, wanting more, wanting to keep winning and, sometimes, many things went unnoticed and now I am more aware of enjoying myself”.

Messi He has already played in a World Cup final and says he wants to try again.

”What leads me to keep trying is the illusion, the desire, always wanting more, not staying with the desire and thinking that it would have happened, but facing it and whatever God wants, although it is difficult at the moment make them understand that they have to enjoy the moments, because it happened to me and at their age I didn’t understand it, that’s why I tell them to enjoy it and live the experience to the fullest because they don’t know if they are going to live another World Cup again, “he said. .

”Age makes you see things differently and give importance to small details that you didn’t care about before. Today I pay more attention to all this and it is above enjoying before anything else, ”she concluded.

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