Qatar 2022, this was the inauguration of the strangest soccer World Cup in history (photos)

All the soccer World Cups here speak for things beyond the pitches, but Qatar 2022 has set a record of criticism regarding the violation of human rights in the construction of its marvelous stadiums and facilities, in the treatment of the community LGBT+, the ban on alcohol during matches or restrictions on the press.

However, the opening ceremony was all that was expected. Even more. An overflow of technology in a show that does not match the Olympic Games (it never has) but gave signs of a party organized to show off to the world, with a tour of the mascots of past World Cups, the emblematic songs of the fans ( more identifiable could not be the “come on, come on, Argentina) and above all, the second most gigantic event in the world with the presence of the public something that moves after what was seen in Tokyo 2020.

with the figure of Morgan Freeman as the main presenter, perhaps the most iconic descriptive voice of any screen on the planet and the performance of the South Korean singer Jeon Jung-kookQatar 2022 is already a reality and its opening ceremony, more than leaving something for posterity, focused on being a box of nostalgia with the most famous melodies that are already part of the global collective memory, such as The Life Cup of Ricky Martin or Shakira’s Waka Waka.

A very brief and forgettable ceremony for an event of this magnitude, but quite portentous for the preview of a game like the Qatar vs Ecuador. And it is perhaps the latter that was tried to do, because in the end what people were waiting for more than four years was to see football. And with this brief show, the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup has begun.

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