Pedro Infante: Who were the parents of the “idol of Mexico”?

East November 18th show business celebrates the birthday one of the most important figures in the Golden Age of Cinema Mexico: Pedro Infante, who despite having passed away several years ago is still fondly remembered. There are many stories about his life and work that remain current, however, there are still some doubts about personal aspects of the call “Idol of Mexico”, For example, who were his parents and if they supported him, or refused him to have a successful career on the big screen and in music.

A day like today, but from 1917, he came to the world in Mazatlan Sinaloa, the heartthrob of movies, so his fans celebrate 105 years of his birth. The interpreter of “One Hundred Years” and “Sweetheart” He began as a singer, however, his talent and charisma led him to filmmaking where he worked in films such as “Nosotros los pobres”, “Ahí viene Martín Corona”, “Tizoc: amor de indio” and “Dos tipos de cuidado”, to mention a few of his long career. Likewise, he recorded more than 310 songs, many of which became radio hits.

Pedro Infante’s fans celebrate 105 years of his birth Photo: Special

However, before fame and recognition, Pedro Infante He had to do different jobs and even dropped out of school due to the economic deficiencies of his family, which was made up of his mother María del Refugio Cruz and her father, Delfino Infante, who also had a total of 15 children, of whom only 9 survived. After the actor rose to fame, he constantly helped his blood relatives, however, he was always closest to one of them.

That was Delfino Infante

The father of the protagonist of “A toda máquina” was originally from Sayulilla, municipality of Acaponeta, Nayarit, and, according to some records, was notBorn December 24, 1880. Delfino met María del Refugio and got married in 1908, so they lived for a few years in the state located in the west of the country, until they decided to move to Sinaloa, where they lived in several cities, since the man was a singer and traveled to show up in different places.

Pedro inherited his passion for music from his father.however, it was also the cause of whatand he will not like alcohol, because some anecdotes of the time assure that “The idol of Guamúchil” did not drinksince he remembered the times that his father spent all the money he earned drinking with his friends, for that reason the singer supposedly avoided the intake of any intoxicating drink, so he was rarely seen drunk, unlike the movies he starred in.

Delfino Infante inherited his taste for music Photo: Special

Doña Cuquita, the most important woman for Pedro Infante

According to some contemporary records, Pedro Infante’s mother was a seamstressIn fact, most of the clothes used by the actor and his brothers were made by her. Due to his profession and the fact that his father spent most of his salary drinking, the regional Mexican music performer had to start supporting the family financially from a very young age, however, when he became a star of Mexican cinema, he did not lose this goal.

“I have learned to enjoy the little life that it gives me and, even in this state of things, I have satisfactions that I do not exchange for anything. The best of them is to provide mommy, whom I love so much, with all those little things who comfort her in her old age and make her see that she has a son who will fight for her until the last day of her life,” she said in an interview.

After the death of Pedro Infante, on April 15, 1957, in a plane crash “Doña Cuquita”, as they affectionately called her, she was very affected since he was one of her most beloved children. Also, she had various problems with inheritance, because only the descendants of the actor and his wife could access the assets of the singer, leaving her helpless. Despite the fact that Irma Dorantes gave her part of her money, the lady could not recover from the death of the actor, so the November 19, 1958, He passed away, a year after his son and a day after his birth.

Doña Cuquita died a year after “The idol of Mexico” Photo: Special


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