Astros go for Abreu or Yuli, PROTECTED Cubans, A MONEY for relievers – Full Swing

By Juan Paez

  • Three Cubans were protected by their organizations from being taken in the Rule 5 Draft next month. Pitcher Yosver Zulueta, for the Blue Jays; outfielder Andy Pagés, for the Dodgers; and infielder Bryan Ramos, for the White Sox. It is expected that at least the first two will debut at some point in 2023. It will dawn and we will see!
  • According to a report by The Athletic, the Cuban stars Jose Abreu Y Yulieski Gurriel They would be the new targets of the Astros to fill the first base vacancy for 2023. After they strongly wanted Anthony Rizzo and he signed this Tuesday with the Yankees, the sidereals have their eyes on Pito and Yuli. We’ll see, said a blind man.
  • Could it be that now it is fashionable to be a dominant reliever? The bullpen arms are charging as much as ever. So far this offseason, Edwin Díaz signed a five-year, $102 million contract with the Mets, Robert Suárez signed a five-year, $46 million contract with the Padres, Rafael Montero will return with the Astros for three tournaments and $34.5 million, and this Tuesday Nick Martinez agreed to return to San Diego for just over $18 million and three harvests. The relievers are running out on the market!
  • The Marlins got tired of waiting for prospects and not-so-prospects Elieser Hernandez, Nick Neidert, Jeff Brigham, Jose Devers and Lewin Diaz to designate them for assignment. Now any team can take them, they can be released or they can go to the minor leagues in a matter of days. This is the path they must follow in Miami, purify and get out of so much trifle. Of course! All this if they want to stop being the laughing stock of the NL East.


They died on a day like today:

They were born on a day like today:

It happened on a day like today:

1988: José Canseco becomes the first Oakland player to win the American League Most Valuable Player award since Reggie Jackson in 1973. Canseco is coming off the cap of an incredible season, being baseball’s first 40-40.

1998: Roger Clemens becomes the first pitcher in history to win the Cy Young Award five times.

2015: Cuban OF Leonys Martín is traded from the Rangers to the Mariners along with Anthony Bass for Tom Wilhelmsen, James Jones and a player to be named.

To keep an eye on…

OF Julio Pablo Martinez, Texas Rangers

Martínez comes from a great year between Double A and Triple A, in 107 games. The outfielder showed his power and speed by hitting 14 doubles, eight triples and 15 home runs, in addition to stealing 39 bases in 48 attempts. He walked 67 and batted .243/.360/.433 with a .793 OPS.

the trivia

José Canseco is the only Cuban to have hit 30+ home runs in the first half of a Major League season. He did it in 1999, when he hit 31 balls out of the park with the then-named Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

2022 in numbers

There were three Cubans among the 15 hitters who hit the ball the hardest, on average, in the Major Leagues this year. Yordan Álvarez was second, averaging 95.2 mph, and Yandy Díaz shared last place with José Abreu, both at 92.2 MPH.

We close with the phrase of the day…

“Recognize which pitch you can hit well, then wait for it”

Willie Keeler.

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Happy offseason and thanks for reading!

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