The fight between Raúl Jiménez’s father and the FOX analyst who goes around the world

Fernando Cevallos / Raúl Jiménez / Father of Raúl Jiménez
Fernando Cevallos / Raúl Jiménez / Father of Raúl Jiménez


The controversy reignited after a program of FOX Sports Mexico tempers will heat up between the father of Raul Jimenezy the journalist Fernando Cevallos. This is because Jiménez’s father accused Cevallos of being a ‘liar’ because he pointed to a journalist’s publication in which he commented that he would be left out of the World Cup.

“That guy, I don’t even know his name, went around saying that even Tata Martino had already told my son. Please, who is going to talk more with Raúl than me, I have constant communication and it bothers me, it irritates me to hear this guy telling lies,” Mr. Jiménez commented to the program Fox Sports Radio.

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Given the heated mood, Cevallos asked Mr. Jiménez for respect, which made him even more upset. While the rest of the FOX table asked the interviewee to calm down. Therefore, everything seems to end with the demands of Mr. Jiménez to request the dismissal of Cevallos from the FOX network.

Raúl Jiménez would have minutes against Sweden

According to Gerardo Martino himself, Raúl Jiménez will have minutes against the Swedish National Team, so it seems that the debate will largely end with the entry of ‘Lobo de Tepeji’ onto the pitches. It should be remembered that it will be Raúl’s first time in a Tri game after months of absence.

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