Price of the dollar in Colombia today, November 16: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

This Wednesday, November 16, the price of the dollar in Colombia is quoted at a price of $4,801.06 Colombian pesoswhich means that its value fell unlike the day Tuesday, November 15 ($4,806.07). As he was able to establish Bank of the Republic in their most recent report on their website.

The US currency presents today, November 16, its lowest level in more than 4 weeks. unlike yesterday dropped 5.01 pesoswhich is equivalent to a decrease in 0.1%compared to the same day last week, presented a decrease of 4.23% (212.14 pesos).

Compared to the same day of the previous month, the currency increased by 3.54% (164.23 pesos)and from the beginning of the year it increased 20.59% (819.9 pesos). According to experts, the downward trend of the currency is due to the past elections in the United Statesbut an increase in its value is not ruled out in the coming days or weeks.

Movement of the dollar in the last days

  • Tuesday November 15: 4,806.07 COP
  • Monday November 14: 4,806.07 COP
  • Sunday November 13: 4,806.07 COP
  • Saturday November 12: 4,806.07 COP
  • Friday November 11: 4,806.07 COP
  • Thursday November 10: 4,914.71 COP
  • Wednesday, November 9: COP 5,013.20

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