Vila-real evaluates with local entities the investments in social welfare for 2023 – Castellón

The mayor of Vila-real, José Benlloch, has urgently summoned the four entities that work in the field of social services in the city -Red Cross, Juventud Antoniana, Cáritas and San Vicente de Paúl-, to assess the needs derived of the crisis in order to be able to draw up the municipal budget, within the framework of the Extraordinary Plan for budget readjustment and prioritization, presented by Benlloch last week. The mayor has programmed these extraordinary contacts, beyond the usual coordination and constant collaboration between the consistory and the social entities, with the aim of knowing first-hand their situation in the current context of socioeconomic crisis and to transfer those responsible for these collectives the roadmap that the government team has planned for the 2023 financial year.

“People have always been at the center of the policies of this government team and proof of this is the strong social alliance that we have woven for more than a decade, multiplying by three the agreements with associations and groups in the city, and in a special way, working hand in hand with social entities to guarantee, together with the municipal Social Services, a social network for all the people who need it and that no one in our city is left behind”, the mayor stressed. This alliance translates into collaboration agreements with the four social entities of the city that in the 2022 budget exceed 262,000 euros of municipal contribution to collaborate in the programs that these institutions develop to guarantee the basic needs of the most vulnerable groups.

The mayor has pointed out that “in times of economic uncertainty like the current one, which is already having a real impact on the labor market and on our main economic engine, which is ceramics, it becomes even more necessary to prioritize help for people and ensure a response to the demand to cover the basic needs of citizens”.

Precisely for this reason, the mayor announced last week an extraordinary budget readjustment and prioritization plan that will guide municipal economic management to place people and the maintenance of public services at the center. This plan is a consequence of the current crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, inflation and the energy crisis, which is also affecting municipal coffers, multiplying the cost of supplies and maintenance of municipal facilities and services. Faced with this reality, the mayor has already warned that “it is time for containment, the responsibility to maintain everything we have achieved, working together, and in this way be prepared to move forward with strength.” In this sense, it has opted to “save the current situation without asking citizens for more effort, and prioritizing people and public services, laying the foundations for the new Vila-real of the 21st century, in collaboration with other administrations and with entities and companies.

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