Shakira burst into tears while talking on the phone, what happened to her?

A few days ago a chapter of the break between the Barranquilla singer Shakira and the retired Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué was closed, which seemed to have no end: the decision of who would get custody of their two children, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha.

For months, the issue of custody of minors was of main interest to the two celebrities, because while Shakira wanted to take the little ones to Miami, Piqué wanted his children to remain in Europe. Nevertheless, The former Barcelona defender relented and, therefore, the interpreter of ‘Anthology’ was left with custody of his children, which means that they will move with the singer to the United States.

According to compilations of the Spanish newspaper The vanguard, the Piqué Mebarack brothers will go to Miami, territory where the woman from Barranquilla has a luxurious mansion -in the North Bay Road Drive neighborhood, which was withdrawn from sale only a few months ago-, but this move will be effective as of 2023, since during the Christmas festivities the children of the celebrity ex-partner will remain with their father. Also, every time Gerard wants to see his children, he can do it without any restriction, taking a plane to the North American country.

However, although for the Barranquillera this decision is of great joy, at apparently would be “going through” difficult times after this agreementwhen she was seen crying while talking on her cell phone in the streets of Barcelona.

According to the well-known Spanish program Sálvame, a witness contacted them to talk and reveal some images of Shakira’s current situation.

“I was with two friends and it was bad. She was wearing a tracksuit, the truth is that she was… He had a bad face and, since he arrived, he was speaking on the phone in English. Of the hour and a half that he will have spent, well, an hour talking on the phone ”, explained the source for the aforementioned medium.

He also added that, “As soon as he hung up, he began to cry. We didn’t want to get closer because she was arguing with her friends and it was wrong. My mother is a super fan, I say: ‘Wow, approaching her to ask for a photo is impossible’. I tell you, we have seen the whole world that it was her and no one has come close, ”she concluded.

The journalist Laura Fa revealed the possible reason for Shakira’s reaction. And it could be due, according to her, to the fact that shortly before being seen crying in public, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí reappeared in public as a couple, with total “naturalness”, in a new project.

“The day before, Gerard Piqué’s new project had been presented and it was the first time he had gone with Clara Chía, already as a couple and with the naturalness of taking him by his side and being with her. Despite the fact that everything is clear to them, heartbreak is experienced as it is lived, ”he said.

Let’s remember that, a couple of days ago, Gerard Piqué announced that he would retire from the team of his life: Barcelona FC In fact, amid applause and chants, the man played his last game as a footballer. Now, The Spaniard wanted to give up custody of his children to “avoid a traumatic process”, to the point where the minors had to go to trialaccording to The vanguard.

Since Shakira and Gerard Piqué shared with the world that the love of their relationship, which lasted more than ten years, came to an end, the Spanish press has not left them aside. Both the athlete and the singer have starred in one of the most controversial breakups of the year and, furthermore, the name of Clara Chía -Piqué’s girlfriend- has been on the cover of several portals, while Shakira gave an interview for the magazine she and, recently, she released her single ‘Monotonía’, which seems to be linked to what the Colombian is feeling at the moment.

Along the same lines, according to the newspaper The National.catClara Chia “it would have been a fundamental bridge” so that a good port is reached in the process of negotiating the separation of Shakira and Piqué.

“The young woman (Clara Chía) wants the two (Shakira and Piqué) to fix things without getting hurt, and she would have been the one who convinced the athlete to calm down. and speak things facilitating the wishes of the mother of her children”, indicated the medium.

In addition, the Catalan web portal explained that the only intention of the Spanish, in the midst of the tense relationship between the former soccer player and the singer, is to support her partner and thus “start from scratch” to “live their love without obstacles.”

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