Judge, Rizzo, Verlander, free agents to sign

Like every season since 2009, when they last managed to lift the championship trophy in a World Series, the New York Yankees will be the team MLB with more pressure to advance to the Fall Classic and break the curse that has lasted through 13 non-title tournaments.

Apart from the obvious case of Aaron Judgewho is he free agent with higher priority to sign for the Bronx Bombers, other “big shots” like first baseman Anthony Rizzo and experienced starting pitcher Justin Verlanderthey must be clear objectives to acquire in the current offseason, if they want to be protagonists in the next campaign.

Another player who is rumored to be seriously interested in adding to the roster for the 2023 season is the Japanese outfielder, Masataka Yoshidasuperstar slugger in Japan who has aroused the interest of several teams in the majors after declaring himself an international free agent.

Of these four players mentioned, Judge and Rizzo would have serious aspirations to wear the striped uniform again, as both have hinted that they would be willing to play with New York again, although for this the Bronx board will have to invest hundreds of millions of dollars.

It should be remembered that in the case of Verlander, a right-handed veteran who is likely to be the winner of the American League Cy Young Award this year, last year he was on the Mules’ radar as a reinforcement for the rotation, however, he decided to remain in the Astros, current MLB champion.

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