The best exercises with resistance bands to gain muscle mass as if you were using weights

The resistance tapes They are a very useful instrument to increase our muscular strength and our resistance. They dramatically increase the intensity of virtually any exercise, making them a great addition to any routine looking to tone muscle, improve health, or lose weight.

The best way to harness its full potential, however, lies in knowing a series of exercises appropriate for this element. These are some ideal examples, explained by the specialized media livestrong, For anyone who wants to start using resistance bands, or who wants to improve the routine they already carry out with them.

upper body exercises

A simple way to start exercising the upper body with the help of elastic bands is the banded overhead press, similar to certain forms of weightlifting. In this exercise, we hold the elastic band by stepping on it with our feet and, with our arms slightly more open than our shoulders and at shoulder height, we stretch it upwards in the same way that we would lift weights.

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Another option would be a horizontal band stretch, which is performed standing up and holding one end of the band with each hand. With the palms facing down, we stretch the tape by opening our arms, and relax following the push caused by the elasticity of the tape.

It is also possible to perform triceps work sitting on the floor, holding one end of the tape with the soles of both shoes (so that the tape wraps around us) and stretching backwards from the hip with both arms.

Lastly, a horizontal band stretchsimilar to the second exercise but with the tape behind our back, it is ideal for exercising the shoulder muscles.

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Lower body exercises

One of the best examples of work for the lower body is the ‘greeting with ribbons’, in which we step on one end of the band with our feet, place the other around our neck (helping us to hold it with our arms bent at chest height) and stand up and crouch down, as if waving with the trunk.

In the same way, the tape can be used as a support by hooking it on a post and, holding the free end with one hand, leaning the body forward. It is important to lift one leg as we do it and keep the arm straight.

Using this same approach, we can get on our knees with our back to the pole, with the tape wrapped around our hips, and push forward against the elasticity of the tape.

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Rising from that position, another great exercise is to jump up and forwardagain against the natural elasticity of the resistance band.

full body exercises

If we want to work the muscles of the whole body at the same time, a great exercise consists of doing something similar to the banded overhead press, but starting from a squatting position. Another way to maximize the exercise is to twist your trunk as you stand up.

Something similar can be achieved by hooking the tape on a pole, at least about 40 centimeters above our head, and holding the ends with both hands. Next, the exercise consists of lowering one knee to the side, turning the trunk so that it faces the direction of the elastic band.

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With the elastic band placed in the same way, we can place ourselves in a position of be sitting in a chair and stretch the elastic band towards us with our arms, to then relax following the natural elasticity of the element.

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