Raúl Jiménez Sr. and the fight with Fox Sports that took place after his son’s call

Raúl Jiménez father explodedó  after claims that his son will not be called up for the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Photo: Omar Vega / Getty Images)

Raúl Jiménez Sr. exploded after claims that his son would not be called up for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Raul Jimenez Y Gerardo Martino they finished with the novel that they dragged in the last days to know if the striker of the wolverhampton would be among the 26 summoned who will play the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The attacker got on the boat last minutesince recently an injury afflicted the player and everything seemed that the youth squad from América I couldn’t play the world cup.

That way, Martino put an end to speculation and Jiménez will be in Qatar. The daddy summoned three strikers: Rogelio Funes Mori, Henry Martin and Raúl; leaving out Santiago Gimenez. Thus, the technical staff of the Tricolor He waited until the last minute to see the evolution of the Wolves striker, which was effective and the Tepejí wolf it was the one chosen by the Argentine coach.

In recent weeks, the media predicted that Jiménez would not be among the 26. Who secured this information was Fernando Cevallosjournalist for Fox Sports. “They tell me that the five selected who do not go to the World Cup They already know and Martino already told them. will be Raul JimenezJesús Tecatito Corona, Jesús Angulo and Diego Lainez ”, he said in The Last Word.

After the declarations and the call of Raúl Jiménez al Tri All those assertions stopped making sense. In a call that kept the father of Raúl and Fox Sports, the eldest of the Jimenez he couldn’t take it anymore and exploded against Cevallossince he confirmed that the journalist lied. “Lies are not valid in any program. you iinformation and your source are very flathe told the panelist.

When the call ended, Jiménez Sr., with obvious annoyance, asked that the communicator be removed from his post. “Pseudojournalists like you do a lot of damage to Mexican soccer. I am going to ask Fox Sports to they can’t have this kind of pseudo-journalists in such serious programs and in such strong programs. I run it but already ”.

His sayings were repeated again on the ESPN Futbol Picante program.

The reality is that even his own Raul Jimenez son did not know if he would be ready to play the World Cup. The soccer player opened up with Mauricio Ymay, ESPN commentator. Wolves’ goalscorer stated that if on November 14when the final list was given, he did not feel suitable, he himself would be the one to communicate it to the daddy Martino and coaching staff.

Raul Jimenez will play his second world cup since he debuted with the Club America in 2011. Previously in Brazil He was barely able to participate in the group stage and round of 16 matches; in Russia 2018 he maintained a substitute role. Now in Qatar 2022 the mexican fan andHe hopes that he wastes his talent with goals and good performances.


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