Megan Fox raised the temperature with very little

Many remember the actress for her unforgettable role as Mikaela Banes in “transformers“, for others it is more than a character, the beauty of Megan Fox has captured millions of hearts, and for this only a couple of photos are enough that raised the temperature in the famous social network.

the too model American caused quite a stir among his 20.8 million followers on Instagram where the instagram celebrity He published a series of photographs in which he left very little to the imagination.

The possessor of a beautiful face and statuesque figure Megan Fox, monopolizes the reflectors wherever she appears, she appeared in a rather peculiar outfit with a well-achieved outfit of “elf“.

A long and open skirt from the birth of the legs which were visible and which was combined with a red top made up the look of Megan Denisse Fox, who contributed the most realistic touch to her character with pointed ears that stood out. of her long blonde hair.

The also actress, who will repeat her successful participation in: “Transforms: Revenge of the Fallen“He added a headdress with delicate beige flowers in addition to a natural but emphatic makeup in his eyes.

Without forgetting some other details such as gloves that covered half of his arms up to beyond the wrist, and golden boots tied in front with a large row of laces, unleashed the reaction of users who left more than 7,000 comments on images.

I very seriously studied elf ear modification after this. @grimes let me know if you find someone, it can be seen in the description of the native of Tennessee, United States.

The nominee of the Teen Choice Awardsborn on May 16, 1986, appears with her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, who also wears an “elf” dress, with elongated ears and a 3sword.

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Apparently, the imposing Denise Fox has found a new hobby in costumes with her partner, as can be seen in other images that she has uploaded to her social network.

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