European doctors refuse to cover Primary without specialists

UEMO General Assembly.

The European Union of General and Family Practitioners (UEMO) has called for countries like Spain, Portugal or Romania do not resort to physicians who do not have the specialty to fill vacancies in Primary Care services. The message is one of the keys that was extracted from the celebration of his Fall General Assembly which on this occasion took place in the city of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The institution that brings together twenty countries of the old continent pointed out that this situation occurs in several autonomous communities of our country due to the lack of doctors to access the positions of different coverage. While he lamented that the trend could also spread to other countries in the European Union, According to a statement sent by the General Council of Physicians (Cgcom).

This appeal comes at a time marked by the search for solutions to combat the shortage of specialists in the National Health System (SNS) in some territories. A problem that has led some health centers to put pediatricians to consult with adults and vice versa. But what can have important criminal consequences for the doctor if the patient is not properly informed about the change.

The UEMO has among its main objectives to include the specialty of General and Family Medicine in the annex to the Directive Europe on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications that was approved in 2005. There are currently 20 countries that support their position, after the recent incorporation of Austria which in September gave birth to the new medical branch. Spain is also part of this group.

Spain identifies family problems

In order to show the national reality, the meeting in Slovenia was attended by the national representatives of Rural and Urban Primary Care of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC), Hermenegildo Marcos and Mar Martinez, respectively. In the General Assembly they showed different reports in which they exposed the main problems that Europe is going through in the activity of the sector: work overloadthe lack of family doctors or his high age. Something for which they required a “supranational” response.

The appointment has also made it possible to hold the elections to hold the UEMO presidency for the next four years. The presidency will be held from now on by the Portuguese Tiago VillanuevaAccompanied by catarina matias as general secretary and Pedro Fonte as treasurer. Also Branka Lazic (Serbia) and Peter Holden (United Kingdom) will serve as vice-presidents of the institution.

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