The video of Shakira and Piqué that has gone viral and has triggered criticism of the footballer

While each one makes his life by his side, his followers are still aware of their relationship and look for clues of what could have happened.

Now it’s a home video of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué what spreads like wildfire on social networks with a conspiracy theory that ensures that the footballer was already seen coming.

Everything is assumptions when seeing the images, but the vast majority think the same: disinterest overflows this recording that the singer published and that was made in the warmth of her home in Barcelona.

Gerard Pique/Instagram Shakira and Gerard Pique

In it, the Colombian is playing with her children, Milan Y Sasha, with a balloon, while the father sees them lying down and referees the home game. It was actually a way for Shakira to promote the Balloon World Cup, a sporting event created, among others, by her partner and that went viral on social networks.


Piqué’s attitude and little involvement, in addition to Piqué’s tone of voice, is, for many, a key sign that something was wrong. And it is that, compared to the animosity and joy that Shak shows, the footballer does not look very good.

“He didn’t even participate, he just recorded his family, like this or more boring?”, “Why does he sound so disinterested?”, “Since then I noticed that there were problems,” only some wrote making assumptions.

These comments come after their breakup was announced. The sad news led fans to search through their memories and these were the conclusions they seem to have reached.

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