Marco Antonio Solís: You’ll go backwards when you meet the only son of “Buki” | PHOTO

The life of the Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis it is not as public as we know it; What we do know is that he dedicates himself to giving quality time to his wife, better known as Christy Solis and his daughters marla Y Alison Solis.

They are the youngest daughters of “Buki” Photo: @fanscristysolis

Wait a minute! Perhaps you are attacking that they are not the only daughters of the interpreter of “If you had not gone”, and you are right, since the musician has two more children; beatrice Y Marco Antonio Solis Jr.. the eldest son of all.

It is not a secret that the founder of the group “the bukis“He is not usually shown with his first family, although he maintains a good relationship with both.

For the public, the eldest son of the interpreter of Where are we going to stop?, is an unknown that almost nobody knows and it is not that the mysterious man shows signs of what he does in his day to day as an influencer, that is, he is more reserved than his sisters.

It is unknown who is the mother of Marco Antonio Jr. Photo:
IG @ClauRepublicana

Who is Marco Antonio Solis Jr.?

You should know that the marriage of Marco Antonio Solis and Beatriz Adriana It lasted six years, a marriage that began in 1983 and ended in 1989, from there they had Beatriz Solís; however, it is unknown who is the mother of Mark Antony Jr.

And it is that through a blog, the brother of Beatrice Solis He has commented on some impressions about the relationship between his only brother and his famous father, interpreter of the hit “Antes de que te vas”.

Marco Antonio Jr. hardly publishes his personal lifePhoto:
IG @ClauRepublicana

After divorcing Beatriz, the composer began a relationship with Christy whom he married her in 1993 and continue their marriage. Beatriz Solís’ mother has pointed out that Marco is “a very good father, very human and very joking”. “In many situations my dad is very understanding, and he is also a very spiritual person for whom money is not that important,” she revealed on his personal blog.


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