Ángela Aguilar suffers a fall in concert | VIDEO

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The youngest of the Aguilar dynasty suffered from a small fall during a concert offered in the city of Monterrey that was documented by some people who were in the venue; The video is already on social networks.

It was this weekend when Angela Aguilar and his father, Pepe Aguilar, took their show Jaripeo sin Fronteras to Monterrey, registering a sold out in the venue.

In the video that has already gone viral, Angela is seen interpreting the famous theme As the flower (which made Selena famous), at the time of the fall; Ángela is happy and enjoying the theme, but it was at the moment that she decided to go on stage that she suffered the slight mishap.

After showing her best dance steps, Angela returned to her place on stage and while singing a part of the song’s chorus, her foot hit a step causing a slight stumble that left her on her knees on the floor.

Without losing style or rhythm, Angela showed her professionalism and after standing up and adjusting her hair, she continued with the song.

This mishap comes after the one suffered by the also Mexican singer Danna Paola at the start of his tour XT4S1S which took place in Guadalajara on November 11.

The singer was singing one of her songs and while performing his choreography, he hit his eyebrow, so it was opened. Immediately, the paramedics came in to check on her, causing the concert to stop for a few moments.

Danna returned to the stage with her head bandaged and moments after finishing her concert, the also actress spoke about it on her Instagram account where she thanked her followers and the medical staff of the place for acting in a great way in the face of the situation.

“We had to make the show a little shorter and several very top things were missing… but THE GRATITUDE I feel in my heart and soul is inexplicable, THANKS TO ME ALL MY FAMILY ON STAGE AND BACKSTAGE, they make me feel GREAT, MAGICAL AND POWERFUL Thank you to every single person who got involved and put their love, time, and work into this,” she wrote.


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