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The vocation for medicine is something that many doctors show with pride. However, it is no reason to ‘swallow’ with any type of situation that perpetuates your rights. So says Julián Cabria, a resident of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatologywhich through its social networks ensures that “doctors are a meek group” because it assumes “with ‘vocation’ all the failures of the system”.

For Cabria, the main reason for this situation is the conditions in which they work and live daily during the four years of the residency MIR. And it is that, for the resident in this period “you learn the peculiarities of your labor rights, from the 24 hour guards“in many places without release and poorly paid” to take work home “every day”.

The doctor points out that during the years of residency you also assume that “you are only there to work and that your training is something that only matters to you”. “The residence consists of an iron hierarchy in which higher-level burnt-out colleagues piss you off just because they pissed them off,” explains Cabria, who assures that the latter camouflage themselves in the excuse of “that’s the way things are”.

What are the conditions of the MIR contract?

In this way, the resident summarizes the conditions with which they find themselves until they reach attached doctors, where the situation “does not improve either”. “We came to associates accustomed to being poorly paidlinking one precarious contract after another and seeing too many patients in consultation”, he affirms, assuring that once the residency is over “they are already used to working beyond their means”. “In the end you have no choice but to resign yourself to all the bitches and exploitation to which you are subjected by a perverse system maintained by people who do not care about you,” insists Cabria.

In addition, he confesses that in this situation “you can’t complain either.” “If you complain, they tell you that you are privileged and they ask you where your vocation is”criticizes the resident, who admits that “he knows that there are people who are worse off, but that does not take away their right to claim what is fair for the profession.”

The opinion on the MIR residence has been shared by a hundred doctors, who pointed out that sometimes “For being doctors it seems that you don’t even have the right to eat”. “The system plays with the type of work we have,” the doctors point out, stating that in other professions “it is easy for the time to end the day and leave, but in your case you do not leave until you see the last patient “.

MIR exam 2023: provisional lists

The Ministry of Health has published the provisional list of applicants admitted to the MIR exam. A total of 12,251 applicants will be summoned next January 27 for the test together with the rest of the exams that make up the Specialized Health Training (FSE). In the last call, there were 13,059 applicants definitively admitted to the exam, therefore, the MIR 2023, with provisional data, would lose 808 applicants. Likewise, 1,167 opponents have not been admitted and will be able to make the corresponding claim, so the number of applicants who will finally be able to register for the exam may still vary.

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