Driver Maxine Woodside’s son dies

Your last message on networks

Alexander had made the decision to leave social networks, as he expressed it in what became his last postwhich paradoxically not only served to say goodbye to all his followers and those who had supported him on digital platforms, but it also seems that he was able to say goodbye to this plane.

“To all of you for so many years, I thank you very much for the signs of affection. Due to force majeure, I am going to close all my social networks. It has been an incredible adventure, but everything has an end and today it is up to me to say goodbye. Thank you, Thank you very much,” he wrote as a farewell.

Alejandro Iriarte Woodside
This is the message posted by Alejandro Iriarte Woodside on his Facebook

Research in progress

After the confirmation of the death of Alejandro Iriarte Woodsidethe police reporter Carlos Jimenez revealed that, according to the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, a weapon was found next to the body of the son of the owner of the Todo para la mujer program, for which an investigation was launched.

“They found in that place a pistol, a shell casing and everything indicates that he would have shot himself, but as it is part of the protocols, any other situation has to be ruled out, but so far everything indicates that it was a suicide”, explained Jimenez. The small-caliber weapon was seized by capital authorities.

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