Carmen Villalobos wears a daring swimsuit during her rest days and shows her toned abdomen

The actress Carmen Villalobos through her social networks has been in charge of staying very active with her followers, because she always highlights that her artistic career is due to them. In turn, as much as possible, she tries to spend a few minutes answering some questions, as well as sharing content of what she does.

For about a week, the Colombian stated that she took a few days to rest, because she is full of work and felt the need to free herself for a moment from so many responsibilities she has.

“Definitely happiness is something that cannot be hidden and that is how I am at this moment in my life. Full and happy. Happy weekend my beautiful people ”, was the message that accompanied the gallery of shared photos.

Through the stories of Instagram and the feed, he has shown that he is enjoying a tropical climate, while highlighting that one of the questions he was asked the most was to know where he was taking a break and, is that he said he preferred to keep it in secret to feel more comfortable.

The television presenter also took the opportunity to show her followers how well she retains her figure at 39 years old. Thus, He wanted to demonstrate it with a two-part swimsuit and, in this way, exposed his toned abdomen.

“Bliss”, “The most beautiful and nobody can say no”, “No one is perfect”, “My beautiful“,”Tell me what you boast about and I will tell you what you lack”, “What simple photos, you do not give anything to your followers”, “How nice to see you happy and enjoying yourself”, “There is new mascara”, “What emotion see you happy, my queen. You are amazing”, “Who took your picture?”, “Seeing you happy is the most beautiful“,”The days go by and you are more beautiful”, “How beautiful it is to see you happy, I hope it lasts a long time, blessings”, “How beautiful it is to see you smile and enjoy every step of your life”, “You deserve all the happiness in the world”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

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