Aaron Judge and the millionaire contract he will receive in Free Agency


Chain ESPN affirms that the agreement expected by the outfielder will greatly exceed what was offered by the New York Yankees last March to extend the bond.

Aaron Judge played until MLB 2022 in New York Yankees
© Carmen Mandato/Getty ImagesAaron Judge played until MLB 2022 in New York Yankees

A couple of days ago the official start of the Free Agency in Major League Baseball (MLB)where without a doubt the most valued player in the market is Aaron Judgeuntil last Thursday player of new york yankees.

A situation that was known to happen, after last March he rejected a contract extension for seven seasons and a salary of $213.5 million dollarsaccepting only, through salary arbitration, to receive $19 million.

With all that to his credit, Judge became the 2022 MLB home run leaderbecoming the maximum home run in yankees history; Well, now, he is in Free Agency and the millionaire contract he will receive is already known.

The contract that Aaron Judge would receive in Free Agency

Chain ESPN revealed that the Judge “rejected an extension of 213.5 million before the season started and it was probably worth between that and 250 million at the timethen it became clear during the year that would probably earn 300 million, with average estimates of about 320 million of a panel of experts consulted”.

Thus, Aaron Judge will go to MLB Free Agency for a contract that reaches $325 million dollars, almost 100 million more than what the Yankees offered him last March. And there are not a few who believe that he will comfortably exceed that figure.

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