Sheltered by her friends and family, Angélica Vale receives her star on the Walk of Fame

Angélica Vale, who began to write her story as an actress when she was only two months old in the telenovela ‘El miracle of living’, starring her mother, Angélica María, undoubtedly has a legacy of talent. Coming from an important family of artists, Vale grew up among television forums, which is why it is not surprising that she has become one of the most popular Mexican artists not only nationally, but also internationally. With 47 years of age and a successful artistic career of 40 years, the Mexican is in her best moment. Her talent, dedication and passion have led her to become a world-class celebrity and on November 10 she was commemorated internationally by receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



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Angelica’s spectacular achievement

Without a doubt, last Thursday was one of the most special days in the life of the Mexican actress and singer, because surrounded by her family and closest friends, she received an emotional tribute when she was recorded in history on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. . With an emotional video and just one day before her 47th birthday, the Mexican actress fulfilled one of her greatest dreams. In this important event, Angélica was accompanied by her mother Angélica María, her husband Otto Padrón, their two children Angélica and Daniel, and several of her closest peers such as Pepe Aguilar, Kate del Castillo, Jaime Camil, Omar Chaparro, Adamari Lopez among others. The award ceremony for the star was performed by the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and by Mitch O’Farrell, a member of the City Council of the American city. The new tribute that will be etched forever on the most emblematic street in cinematography can be found on Hollywood Blvd, between La Brea and Sycamore avenues, near The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.


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Vale’s emotional words

“With great emotion, I feel full of love, from the public, from the press, from my friends, from my colleagues. I feel with an impressive love and I have no words to thank you. I never thought I would have a star here because I used to make soap operas, but I know that one day my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to come see the star. Thank you, love, for understanding me that I’m crazy that I need to get on stage. This star is dedicated to my dad, my mom, but above them is my grandmother who is my inspiration and without her I would not be at all who I am as a woman or as an artist and I dedicate it to my beautiful and beloved Mexico because yes I wouldn’t have had a career there, this wouldn’t have happened,” said Angélica Vale between tears of happiness.


Angelica’s successful career

Currently, the Mexican actress and singer lives with her husband and children in the city of Los Angeles in California. She has a radio program and has been a participant in several television projects to which she is invited, among the most recent is the Univision reality show, ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’. However, Vale achieved fame much earlier because she has been the protagonist of several projects, among which is the telenovela ‘La Fea Más Bella’, with Jaime Camil, with which Angélica won several awards thanks to her impeccable performance. Angelica’s great talent has led her to appear in more than 300 television programs and she is considered the queen of theatrical comedy. In addition, the actress and singer has appeared in 20 feature films, including her participation in the 2017 Oscar-winning Disney Pixar animated film, ‘Coco,’ where she plays the character of Mama Imelda. She has recorded over 25 albums, and has performed in approximately 30 stage productions.

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