Curvy Zelma paralyzes the network with tight black body and transparent dress

Curvy Zelma It caused a furor among its thousands of followers on social networks. In their official accounts Instagram and Facebookthe collaborator of “Come Joy” (VLA)TV Azteca’s morning show, shared a photograph in which she was seen posing in front of a mirror and showing her curvaceous silhouette in a tight black bodysuit with sheer dressattire with which paralyzed digital platforms and gave fashion lecture.

The also actress and singer, winner of the first season of the reality show “I want to sing” by VLA, in which she has been seen as a judge in recent days, teaches style classes for women curvyand has positioned herself as an example of self-love and confidence for many who feel insecure about their figure, because with each of the outfits that she publishes on her networks she shows that size and fashion are not at odds.

Curvy Zelma shines in a revealing black look

The 31-year-old presenter shone like never before on the Meta platform, with a photograph in which she showed herself with a sensual and daring look, with which her curvaceous figure stood out. In the image of her, she is seen posing in front of a mirror, so she was able to show her outfit from the front and back, revealing to her fans that she is not afraid of censorship and what will they say, because she left Little to her imagination.

Curvy shines in a daring black look. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

“I like the person I see in the mirror, I like to see myself with love and I like to say nice things to myself every day. It took me a long time but now I don’t waste time and I wish you don’t waste it either. #curvyzelma #curvylovers #ootd # beauty #mirror #espejo #love #curves #curvygirl”, was how Zelma Cherem, real name of the influencer and model, accompanied the publication on the social network.

On Instagram, curvy It has 732 thousand followers, who never miss the opportunity to fill it with “likes” and comments with beautiful words as they did on this occasion with their messages: “You look with love, because you are a beautiful Love”, “That a warrior with all the power”, “What an exquisite woman!”, “And I love to see you my BEAUTIFUL Curvy” and “You are a goddess who is sexy, beautiful, greetings kisses”, among others.

In the images that Zelma shared with her thousands of followers, she can be seen posing in front of the mirror, showing that she is wearing a tight black strapless bodysuit, a piece that fits perfectly to her silhouette, and that she combined with a long lace dress, which gives it a sensual touch with the transparenciesa garment that also stands out for its pronounced neckline, as he showed in a video that he shared in his stories.

Cherem conquers with her beauty. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

Zelma, who was also a presenter on the show “Viva la tarde” and a participant in “Survivor”, gains more followers every day on networks, with whom she constantly shows off her best outfits and teaches fashion classes for plus size girls, confirming that she is not afraid to try the most revealing designs, not only in bikinis or swimsuits, as she demonstrated with the dress with transparencies.

The host and influencer has already positioned herself as a style icon and as an example of self-esteem, which is why she is admired and loved by thousands of fans, who never miss the opportunity to shower her with compliments and remind her that she is a very beautiful woman. beautiful and with great talent, as they did with their most recent publication in which they showed off their black outfit in which they received hundreds of comments and more than 10 thousand “likes”.


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