“The reality is different and there is no disrespect”


The technician of real MadridCarlo Ancelotti, acknowledged that Karim Benzema will not be in the match against Cádiz on Thursday, pointing out that the “first disappointed” is the white captain, who suffers from discomfort in his left thigh.

Since receiving his Ballon d’Or on 17 October in Paris, Benzema has not played the games against Sevilla, Girona and Rayo Vallecano in the league, nor against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, and he only played 26 minutes against Celtic last week.

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“What bothers me is that Karim has not been able to help the team with his quality in these games”, Ancelotti said this Wednesday at the press conference prior to the match against Cádiz, where Benzema will not be present, who did not train with him this Wednesday cluster.

“He has tried, but he has not been able to come back from this annoyance, which is a small thing”, added the merengue coach, who rejected that Benzema may be reserving himself for the World Cup.

“The first to be disappointed in this situation is Karim, who arrives at the World Cup without having had the minutes he needed to be in good condition”, Ancelotti said.

“He has had a problem, which is not serious because he has not stopped, he has continued to train individually, but the feeling for the game is not good,” added the merengue coach.

Ancelotti also denied that Benzema was afraid of missing the appointment in Qatar due to this problem in his left thigh.

“After the first injury against Celtic, which was more serious, he has recovered, and the last two injuries are not important things, he has never thought that the World Cup was in danger. Really, they are very small things”, assured Ancelotti.

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The French striker should be part of the squad that French coach Didier Deschamps plans to announce this Wednesday.

Regarding the World Cup being held in Qatar, Ancelotti considered that “it is a different World Cup, it is a World Cup in winter, it changes the structure of local competitions, obviously it is impossible to play a World Cup in Qatar in summer”.

“I think it’s going to be an entertaining World Cup, there isn’t a big favourite, the players don’t arrive exhausted like they do at the end of the season. It’s going to be an entertaining World Cup and may the best man win”, concluded Ancelotti.


How do you approach the game? “It is true that it is the last unforgettable game of the year, with magical nights, to end with good feelings. There are many things, especially having a good memory of this year that has been unforgettable”.

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The controversy with Vinicius: “I agree, it seems that Vini is provoked and he is the one who receives the most fouls, the most slaps, the most pushes. The reality is different and we must not disrespect him neither in the footballer nor in the personal. Not only the players with the highest quality, you have to have it for everyone. Fair play is much more common in other countries, it may be the most important thing in football”.

What you liked most about Madrid and what needs to be improved: “Despite the fact that the end was not good and it bothers us, the defeat against Leipzig has really affected us, but the rest has been very good. We have achieved the objective of being first in the Champions League and it has cost us some absences such as that of Benzema or Courtois in some games. I’m not here to make excuses, although the last stage wasn’t good and we want to put it behind us with tomorrow’s game”.

The reason for the drop: “It is noticeable by the lack of games and those who have had fewer games have noticed it. It’s quite normal.”

If rotations are missing: “I think it’s something important but you have to see the dynamics of the players and removing players like Rodrygo or Valverde who score in all the games is a bit strange”.

The provocations to Vinicius: “There he has to improve, provoking is not fair play, one enters the field to play football, not to provoke, but of course he can improve because he is young and he is going to do it. He loves football and plays his best. The provocation is not usual, the one who does it is not correct and it is difficult to teach that because he thinks that there is no provocation”.

Asensio back: “I think he’s been the best in recent games, he’s had great character and he deserves what he’s doing on the pitch”.

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