Houston Astros announced the first major renewal after winning the 2022 World Series


After winning the 2022 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Houston Astros announced the first major renewal for the 2023 MLB season.

Justin Verlander and Dusty Baker
© Harry How/Getty ImagesJustin Verlander and Dusty Baker

And when the house is in order, you can expect the best. Houston Astros rose from a sign-stealing scandal in 2017 and when very few would have dared to take the equipment, James Click and Dusty Baker they took the reins of the organization since 2020. At the time, it was one of the most hated franchises in MLB.

After the report presented by Rob Manfred, commissioner of the MLB, Regarding the theft of signs from the Astros, it was not proven that the system to steal signs from rivals was used from the 2018 Postseason until the report against José Altuve and company was released: January 13, 2020.

There was a structure with the DNA of a champion and Dusty Baker imposed the seal of competitiveness of a manager who he had reached the postseason with four different teams. Houston Astros was not going to be the exception and in the third season in charge of the team he reached glory.

In a sign that age is a state of mind, Baker became the oldest manager (age 73) to win a World Series. Now, Dusty can boast that he is the only one in the MLB who has come with five different teams to the postseason. And he goes for more with the Astros!

Official: Astros announced the first major renewal after winning the 2022 World Series

Dusty Baker has been in three seasons Houston Astrosaccumulates 230 wins and 154 losses, has always qualified for the MLB Playoffs and won the 2022 World Series. “Let’s run it again, Dusty,” published the Twitter account of the current champion of the ‘Fall Classic’ to announce that the first major one-year renewal was for manager Dusty Baker.

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