Gerardo Martino reveals the blood pact, the ultimatum to his players

GIRONA — Before the concentration in Girona, Gerardo Martino he made a blood pact with some of those summoned to the trap. A trial by fire.

He explained it this Wednesday for the first time. “Football players knew what condition they came in,” he said. It was necessary to ask him to elaborate on that sentence. He did it.

To some of the players who crossed Niagara by bicycle, Juan Luis Guerra would say, in search of reaching the World Cup, he read them the primer, as they say in Mexico. The dots on the i’s.

He explained to those soccer players teetering on the balance beam, their real odds of going to Qatar 2022. Depending on the case, Martino He pointed out to them that “you are not on the list of 26 and you have a 5 percent or 10 percent chance (of going to the World Cup)”.

And those involved accepted the challenge. The names are saved Martinojust as the players have so far saved the specific specifications of that talk with the coach of the Tri. “That they don’t know (the media), speaks well of them.”

“They agreed to come and that is valued”, pondering the daddy who have accepted the challenge of growing up among those meager, meager possibilities of getting into the world Cup.

what were you looking for Martino? Simple: commitment. That they fully respond to the challenge and devotion to play in a national team and in a World Cup. Just as he does not give names or numbers, he does hint that some have dramatically increased their chances.

An ingenious and drastic way of knowing how far those players, almost segregated, were capable of raising their flags. Today you know. And although he does not mention names, due to his recent speeches he has implied that Alexis Vega and Roberto Alvarado are two of them.

Certainly, it is a dramatic way to generate a stimulus in the footballer. It is delegating responsibilities. Something like “whoever you go to world It is no longer in my hands but in yours.” A healthy extortion. A generous blackmail.

That is why he clarifies that this sermon, this ultimatum, has revealed some dimensions of the player’s spirit. That is why he underlines that attending this blind date is valued with the challenge of looking for a place in the world Cup.

How much is this resource going to impact the key moment, determining the footballer, already in the world Cup? Neither the coach nor the players can know that. The moment itself will define it against Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

In this way, the match against Iraq with the voluminous 4-0, seems to enrich more to Martino the personal and mental aspects of the squad he has, that being able to ponder any football advance, such as, for example, praising Héctor Herrera, who in that position he held, cannot be better than the level of Edson Álvarez.

Now, those who could not join that call and that blood pact, that ultimatum, are they at a disadvantage? Does that put Erick Gutiérrez, Diego Láinez and Santi Giménez at risk, who, having to stay in their clubs, could not attend that spiritual effort exam to increase that 5 percent or 10 percent?

Because, it is evident, this essay of the Tata Martino It is a mental game, not necessarily a purely football assessment.

But, as he explains, “the footballers knew what conditions they came in.” Which, however, will question the term justice when knowing the final list of 26 players.

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